Jharkhand Election Trend- It’s again proved that public votes differently in assembly and general election

first_imgThe only Chief Minister of Jharkhand who completed full five-year term had to bite the dust. BJP lost Jharkhand to a resurgent JMM along with its ally Congress. The opposition especially Congress, TMC and others immediately started throwing barbs on BJP and its top leaders. P Chidambaram said that BJP is dented, denied and defeated’. Mamata Banerjee said it’s a win of people against CAA. There will be a lot other political comments that are to come and BJP had to tolerate those.What went wrong? I think it doesn’t require deep analysis. Raghubar Das and Manoharlal Khattar were the two most unpopular BJP CMs. Khattar led BJP factually lost Haryana but Bhupendra Singh Hooda Led Congress couldn’t win Haryana. It’s another matter that BJP managed to retain power in Haryana through a post-poll alliance with JJP.In Maharashtra, people, in fact, gave a mandate to Devendra Fadnavish led NDA. Fadnavish no doubt is a popular CM in Maharashtra. It’s another matter that it’s allied Shiv Sena broke away from NDA and allied with Congress and NCP. It won’t be said loss for BJP.In Jharkhand, not only CM Raghubar Das but also many ministers either lost or trailing. This proves how Raghubar Das government was unpopular. There might be arguments that BJP contesting alone is a blunder. Saraju Ray’s rebellion dented BJP. And there would be another hundred of excuses. But the fact remains that Raghubar Das’s government remained highly unpopular. Completing full five-year tenure is not important rather the delivery of service to people is the main criteria to which the public judge.Social media are now full of rhetoric. Anti-BJP supporters expressing their unbounded joy throwing pot-shots on BJP and its followers. On the other hand, BJP followers along with Modi-Bhaktas expressing their frustrations. I really wonder why people are ignoring the smarter and mature voters of the present day?In many of my blogs on this platform, I have repeatedly reiterated that present-day voters are smarter and mature. They vote differently in the state election and central election. When MP, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh were lost by BJP, many said that Narendra Modi had lost his aura. BJP too performed very badly in Telangana assembly election. But in general election 2019, BJP swept Hindi heartland along with Karnataka with an impressive show in Telangana. It also won 18 seats in West Bengal. In Odisha, both state and central elections took place simultaneously. People voted BJD for the state and gave more mandate to BJP for the centre.Then after the general election 2019, people thought the opposition is totally decimated. But Congress emerged in Haryana, NCP emerged in Maharashtra and JMM won in Jharkhand. What does it say? If we closely look into elections from 2018 till date, people are voting differently. They are just not influenced rather judge the performance of the political parties. Only Narendra Modi’s charisma can’t win you a state election if state-level leaders are underperformer. Similar you can’t just win abusing Narendra Modi or offering just sops like Congress offered minimum income guarantee scheme (NYAY) in 2019 general election campaign.Democracy is said to be a lesser evil than any other type of governance system. For a better democracy, its main stakeholder, the public has to perform its duty of punishing underperformer and rewarding better performers. If the public started voting sensibly doing proper scrutiny of their representatives, then democracy always becomes mature and accountable as politicians have to be on their toe to perform. The same is happening for at least the last two years. Isn’t the public now wins the elections instead of parties or individual leaders?Instead of making ourselves as loyal to a party or ideology let’s celebrate democracy. The mature and smarter public always makes a democracy great. I am proud of Indian democracy. Aren’t you too?last_img read more

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