Lockdown should be extended

first_imgThe extension of lock down is a fit case as there are rise in confirmed cases and casuality too. ICMR has spoken that India has entered in Phase III but the government has played down that still the curve is not very steep. The tests being conducted have been increased and people have been advised not to move around. Some of the hotspots have been sealed and quarantine facilities are increased. The government is managing all preventive equipments and also ordered large number of ventilators. In another 15 days and 3 days left from this lockdown the government preparation could be excellent and hence tracing testing and isolating stretegy can act accurately. This is the reason Harsh Vardhan has spoken in the public media that curve is likely to be flat which means equal number of confirmed cases every day and by 10 May the curve can begin to bend inward. No doubt there would be colossal losses but the point is once it spread in the community the medical cost would be too higher than the economic losses. Therefore the police is showing no leniency and the administrative control is tightenedlast_img read more

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