DYFI’s Mission on Flood Relief and Fisheries Assistance Lifeboat

first_imgAttingal: D.Y. for flood relief and aquaculture assistance. The AFI Attingal Block Committee made the mini lifeboat available. Bought a mini lifeboat called ‘Ax Explorer 300’.Chairman M. in the pool at the Math in the 29th Ward to City Council Kotti. Block Secretary RV Vishnu at Pradeep Lifeboat’s DYFI Atting Ndra handed over and inaugurated.There are several ponds in the town which are part of the aquaculture industry. The F.I.U. Fish fry from the city council this year as part of the plan The investment was made in cash. Landing in the pool during adverse weather conditions can be very stressful. The call is rising.Immediate response to natural disasters such as floods The boat will be very helpful in carrying out the work. Currently trained Youth Brigadiers Attingal Block Committee Under the U key.Buy large lifeboats capable of carrying more people Block Secretary Vishnu Chandra informed that there is a plan. Block Executive Member Music, Treasurer Prashanth, Regional Committee Member Such as Ratheesh, Sharath, Mithun, Vineeth, R.K. Shyam was the first to leave.last_img read more

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