Kentucky Fans Check No to Checkerboard Uniforms

first_img That’s the kind of guy who calls into PAAAWWWLLL’s show. I guarantee it. Share on other sites Posted May 11, 2018 Sports Logos Sports Logos Posted May 11, 2018 Posted May 11, 2018 Go To Topic Listing SportsLogos.Net News Kentucky Fans Check No to Checkerboard Uniforms Members 30 1,034 posts 1,252 I got one guy that writes me an email — when we go on the road, we wear white uniforms, which is by rule, we have to wear the white uniform. He says, ‘You’ve worn white. You’re already surrendering before you’ve ever taken the field.’ I said, ‘That’s great, buddy. I really appreciate you understanding the rules of college football.’ That’s the mindset of what I deal with. Kevin W. Forums Home Link to post NewsBot 0 Chilton92 Kentucky Fans Check No to Checkerboard Uniforms May 10, 2018 – 18:59 PMThe Kentucky Wildcats have been wearing a checkerboard pattern on their uniforms for a decade now; it was originally introduced in 2008 as a subtle addition to the basketball uniforms in tribute to Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown legend Secretariat. […] Read More… Link to post Posted May 11, 2018 Share this post Recommended Posts 661 1,812 Members 16,613 posts This topic is now closed to further replies. Share this post SportsLogos.Net News Location:Dallas, TX Chilton92 Sign in to follow this   Followers 1 Sign in to follow this   Link to post Kentucky Fans Check No to Checkerboard Uniforms Conrad. 5,583 posts Share this post guest23 1,252 Share on other sites 1 1,812 SL.N News Kentucky Fans Check No to Checkerboard Uniforms The One & Only Share on other sites SportsLogos.Net SportsLogos.Net Link to post Cardsblues02 Members 5,655 posts 0 This in Tennessee’s thing, not UK’s. It is time for them to dump it. 2,458 Share this post 521 Followers 1 Yea, hopefully Kentucky and Nike listen to this feedback and stop putting checkerboards where they shouldn’t be. We (Tennessee) should be the only ones sporting them, especially in the SEC. Share this post Sports Logo News Members 1,812 Posted May 11, 2018 guest23 1,252 Moderators 1,233 posts 661 Share on other sites This was a prime example of nike forcing their design on an athletic program that had absolutely no need for brand enhancement. In addition to the obvious conflict with Tennessee tying your school’s identity to a damn racehorse with zero ties to the university. Imagine if Indiana University made Al Unser’s firesuit design focal point of their athletics uniforms. All Activity 521 Link to post Share on other sites 30 Sports Logo News By SportsLogos.Net News, May 11, 2018 in Sports Logo News Forums Home 661 Share this post 1 2,458 I’m not surprised. I don’t mind the checkerboard pattern, but I can see why fans wouldn’t like it considering how Tennessee is one of their major conference rivals. I can’t speak for their other teams, but I would’t mind them wearing something similar to the Rupp-era uniforms. Conrad. 2 Kevin W. 2 Members 30 Posted May 11, 2018 2,458 221 posts Quote 521 A bunch of psychic porn star midgets who were all nude All Activity Share on other sites Cardsblues02 Link to post Location:Alabamalast_img read more

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