Right down the website do not have to worry about exclusion recovery effort

second, excluding factors outside the station. Outside factors mainly include two aspects, the chain chain. Because of the chain which lead to site is down right usually because of too much junk the chain, or the chain site amplitude fluctuation is huge, these are not conducive to the stability of website optimization. The other is the website chain, this is mainly because of the choice and those who have been K site for friends of the chain, or choose the site is a waste site, all these will lead to site is down right love Shanghai.

also increased the number of garbage web content, dead link increased, and the site within the chain over optimization will become an important parameter is love Shanghai right down. So in the exclusion of site factors, if you find yourself without website revision, also appeared right down, need to consider these factors, once being above problems, on the one hand to immediately repair, on the other hand, to increase the site maintenance efforts, strengthen the white hat optimization, so as to improve the love of Shanghai a bad impression on the site, in order to achieve recovery site. read more

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Case analysis good rankings included and user but not active forum how to solve

Chinaz can see, in addition to sites included and the chain is not satisfactory, other data are good, can be regarded as a qualified website. Although the website data is generally very good, every day there are hundreds of registered users, but is unable to attract the user posts in the forum, interact, not to make the forum to attract users – allowing users to identify – improve the activity effect, this problem often need to check the relevant situation in the station.

Enter the

as a web analyst need more in-depth forum in the face of the problem, according to actual situation analysis on the FOB5 forum, such as posting data, FOB5 foreign trade forums every day the number of registered users, set up plate, plate of the most active, while the FOB5 foreign trade forum made a preliminary understanding, and comparing the amount of post competition opponents of the discussion, the most popular plate and so on, in order to know the FOB5 foreign trade forum how to adjust the future work in order to better achieve the purpose of active users in the forum to enhance. read more

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