Using good time difference, for website SEO optimization, this is also an optimization method

"overnight changed!" on the network are found in a lot of time you wake up, a lot of SEO optimization workers feel that the benefits of time, missed the hottest time, will also get a good hit, because the night is long, people are sleeping. But, "have an ulterior motive" people are planning "amazing" event, see Monday has become a weekend a greeting, and many people are using this two days double work, because the Internet 24 hours is not closing, because the search engine spiders crawl the site in 24 hours, because many competitors used normal the rest of the time, then, for the fierce competition in the Internet is optimized by using


talked about using the time difference optimization, the first Taobao store on how to increase traffic treasure Raiders, there are many ways to play the time difference, such as baby on-line time for 24 hours a day, one more time, and more concentrated in the buyer’s shelves baby, such goods may be ranked in front of similar products in order to get more traffic. read more

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Vertical cosmetics B2C electricity supplier pattern analysis two levels of segmentation and pitfalls

according to iResearch data show that in 2012 China cosmetics online shopping scale reached 57 billion 660 million, compared with 2011’s 37 billion 260 million yuan, an increase of 54.8%. Expected in the next few years, cosmetics online shopping will continue to maintain rapid growth, to 2015, cosmetics online shopping transaction size is expected to exceed 120 billion yuan, the entire cosmetic online shopping industry promising. As a hundred billion market, you will not despise the giant, in a comprehensive business platform: Taobao, Tmall and other Jingdong, must occupy the most favorable position and orientation, and for the cosmetics business, go vertical line is the inevitable choice. Through a series of data shows that the vertical path seems to be the cosmetics business clothing business template is accidental or inevitable, different people have different views. A large integrated platform to control, such as, Le bee cosmetics B2C ranked the first two spot electricity supplier network, No5, Likeface, every other separatist second level, while in more segments of the cosmetics market is vertical to go below a vertical market there are two fine points. read more

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The purpose of exchanging links is to increase outreach and improve the weight of the website

in the exchange of links in the process, often encountered such questions: "you can bring us how much traffic? Your site export links too much, your website I haven’t heard before."…… These questions are summed up in the following aspects.

1, exchange links is to improve the site traffic,

reason for this is simply not true, according to many years of follow-up study, to improve the site’s traffic is through Links is very little, even negligible, if a site must rely on the main links several limited IP brings to improve website traffic, illustrates this website just to flow there that is not to a specific user service, this website does not give users what a good user experience, but not by the users of all ages, of course, will eventually by the search engine become abandoned, the evergreen tree is also mentioned, whether such sites have the necessary existence is questionable. read more

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The job of the stationmaster is to copy and paste

see a lot of interesting articles and many webmaster chic style of writing, and my understanding of the website I think is still the star, and all stationmaster’s talent is still far from ah, I cannot write so many good articles, but I look at all out of writing, I would also like to participate in the big environment, to keep up with the troops in the footsteps of ah ha ha, really want to improve my writing


I graduated in 2006, and after 5 years (a student, a total of 5 years of University, the real TMD waste of time and money) after college students, and finally to face society, I am very pleased. So I came to a company, through interviews and simple recruitment process, I passed, and stay in the company. When the manager asked me what salary requirements, I immediately answer, as many as you want, as long as can exercise their own bank (now think of that time is really naive and ah), I am glad that I can stay in this company, because I am a computer but I am what C language and VB language what is utterly ignorant of ah, when in university exam I all copied but I copied it badly once caught by the teacher, but I still got the graduation certificate and degree certificate (the two card I feel useless), hey. I’m very happy to be able to stay in a technology company. And I am very professional counterparts, the idea is really very silly! The first day of work, our manager arranged for me to work is to copy and paste, so this is still working on my IQ can get the ha ha, I believe you can. The above is my contact with the real work on the it, I do not know this does not contain any technical work, can not belong to the IT class work, in short, I am also engaged in the website, ha ha! read more

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Web design waterfall layout analysis of several ways of implementation

if you often surf the Internet, so uneven multi column layout, is not very familiar ah


similar layout, seem to appear overnight in the domestic and foreign large and small sites, such as Pinterest (seems to be the first to use this layout of the site), Mark,, little net, and Taobao’s new line of "wow" and so on, it is very popular in many Taobao products to Kazakhstan on the line, you will see this a lot in the form.

this layout is suitable for small data blocks, each of which is similar in content and without focus. Typically, as the scroll bar scrolls down, the layout continues to load data blocks and append to the current tail. So, we give this layout an image name — waterfall flow layout.

several implementations,

as more designers love to use this layout, we serve as the front end to meet the needs of visual / interactive designers as much as possible. So, we sort out the layout of several implementations, there are three kinds: read more

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New sites on-line 2 days profit 30 thousand high transformation type web site outside the chain cons

yesterday’s wonderful review:

a phone, an order, a website, a team site time 1 months and 20 days, on-line time to generate a small 2 days of the order, this is not Arabian Nights, this is the charm of SEO. The core of the website is to bring profit to the enterprise, thereby make the enterprise profit. This is what everybody knows, of course, the author is even more clear. When the site produces such benefits, I think this is not just accidental, and then a comprehensive analysis of their own website, found a few more core reasons to share……

following yesterday’s new site on the line, 2 days profit 30 thousand high transformation site construction share, today continue to share with you yesterday, but also the remaining aspects. The main entrance from the site yesterday, the first impression of contact with the user, the user needs to expand the exhibition site theme, enlarged to expounds the reason of high conversion website, today is some core share how to build the chain of dry cargo, high conversion website. read more

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Baidu, Google cut off water source, P2P net loan platform in the future how to play

recently announced a major search companies blocked news for most P2P net loan platform, allegedly in the net Campbell "and" Wangwang loan "after the incident, the search company of P2P net loan platform to be blocked, and closed most of the P2P net loan platform promotion account. Baidu, Google cut off "water source", traffic plummeted, P2P net loan platform in the future how to play?

the beginning of June that Beijing’s first run away P2P platform network Campbell news, a few days ago and a Shenzhen platform, science news network lost. Science news network is the P2P platform this year, forty-sixth domestic run away or collapse.

and constantly spread the platform on foot or closed down the news echoes, the country has several new platforms every day on-line. P2P net loan has become the target of some criminals, some new online platform motives are impure, before the line plans to catch a run, the industry is still chaos. read more

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How should exchange links with others

many new webmaster and dare not exchange friendship links, they don’t know what links are good, which links are not good, some webmaster even don’t know what links have to use instead of exchange. When a new webmaster know the exchange Links use immediately and before instead, they dare to exchange Links, but switched to numb, no matter what type of website, the level of weight, the other site is has the potential to these are not going to see, even a new website Links reached more than 40 a. What should be the proper exchange of links? What kind of links is good? Today, Peng Jian share with you the experience of exchanging links.

exchange links can improve the PR value and weight of the site,


exchange Links literally means we can know is a double link, if the exchange Links can improve the PR value of the site and the weight of words, that is one part of the said, we are now in the PR value to carry on the analysis. Now I use Peng’s blog and bad egg gift street these two sites into the exchange of friendship links to cite examples, the two sides of the PR value as shown below: read more

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Haier day Shun to large distribution cut into the local community O2O

facing the subversion of the Internet, the traditional industry should go from here,


I, the dark horse, found Zhang Ruimin thinking about the question: how does Haier create a new business model that delivers price wars and gives users real value?

his first choice is day by day, through the big logistics, this threshold is very high, cut into the community O2O, and users frequently interact, build community integrated service platform.

this article from the Economic Observer newspaper, through this article can better understand Haier’s O2O idea.

Before getting the investment of Alibaba,

has been "holding" by Haier all the time. So that when the media reporters on the introduction of this company, more just as a big commodity logistics company Haier. "This year, the daily average income of business is about 2 billion 900 million yuan."." Sina’s report reads. read more

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How to select a free virtual host and its five considerations

generally speaking, the virtual host is to divide the resources (system resources, network bandwidth, storage space, etc.) of a server (or a group of servers) into a number of relatively independent small hosts". Each of these "small hosts" is functionally capable of implementing basic Internet services such as WWW, FTP, and Mail, just like using an independent host. Although now the charge of the virtual host is full of street, cheap also seems a lot, but sometimes in need or other choice, free virtual host has become a lot of people do the choice of station. So what should we pay attention to when choosing a free virtual host:


1. The stability of space

The stability of

is the choice of free space most of the attention, if a site space is not stable, will lead to the search engine spiders can’t grab web content, and search engine will not index to your web page. The direct consequence of this is that the site is dropped by search engines and even dropped by K. So, when choosing free space, we must choose stable. I have been using the portal 2G Almighty free space, the portal space using the technology of server cluster architecture will be adopted by the portal, with my use effect and experience, the stability of the portal is guaranteed. read more

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