Groupon CEO buy industry entry simple success difficult

Groupon CEO Andrew · Mason Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on December 1st, Groupon CEO Andrew · Mason (Andrew Mason) a meeting held Wednesday at the Credit Suisse investment on the prospect of Groupon.

Groupon just finished IPO (IPO) after the silent period. Mason said that compared with competitors, Groupon has reached the turning point". "There is no doubt that the barriers to entry are low," he said. But the data suggest a high threshold for success in the industry."

Mason and Groupon CFO Jason · (Jason Childs) also said that Groupon’s huge investment in marketing will drive revenue growth, rather than just the number of users grew in.

Groupon shares rose more than 9% on Wednesday to $17.50, still below the $20 IPO price.

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Taobao president readme

we all know, the three venture Shi Yuzhu in a field of three Chinese card, health care products, online games, will be their own business on the pinnacle of the industry position, mode, capital, marketing is very important in the back, but not the most important. The most important factor of Shi Yuzhu’s success comes from his deep understanding and accurate grasp of the consumer impulse and purchase behavior of the target consumer groups.

and explore our in the expansion of the scale and business model on the road, also conducted a similar exploration, and Shi Yuzhu found the old lady from door to door chat, can achieve the most intuitive and accurate consumer research by its huge consumer database.

we made a summary of Taobao Internet user behavior mainly includes several, the first is to sell, second is to buy, there is a more important is around, now has a very distinctive data, everyone on the Internet after the average rate of 16.7, which is in all sites inside the way ahead. This data reveals that Taobao Internet users in the process of individual behavior, the equivalent of the girls usually go shopping, although there is no specific consumption inside a target, but in the process of visiting a point is likely to trigger the consumption intention, which is very unique in the behavior of read more

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Ma wishes for the next 10 years to create a new e-commerce civilization

asked Ma Yun, what will be the wish of the next 10 years?

Ma Yun’s answer is: "the next 10 years, the Alibaba’s goal is to create a new civilization of electronic commerce, hoping to create the survival and growth of the information platform for the world’s 10 million small and medium-sized enterprises, to provide consumer e-commerce platform for the 1 billion people around the world believe that in the next 30 years will be a period of rapid development of electronic commerce."

in the history of the new China business for 60 years, Ma is an exception.

as a model of entrepreneurship, Ma Yun’s story tells us that anything is possible, of course, not all possible. Like Ma, no money, no background in two, three There are plenty of people who have no technical. Moreover, many of them work harder and harder than Ma, more attention to people, but only achieve success and win recognition of ma. read more

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Rookie network push cloud customer service complaints directly to the network

July 21st news, rookie network announced cloud customer service half year results, as of July 20th, the rookie cloud customer service to help express companies to reduce the complaint rate of more than 50%.

It is reported that

, rookie network launched a cloud service function in July last year; in January this year, rookie combined various courier companies through the online complaint channels, consumers can complain directly in Tmall, Taobao, etc., wrapped Amoy platform logistics details page to find the logistics entrance to submit the complaint after complaint, express outlets will be completed. In the 24 hours since the operation, there are nearly 5 day after treatment.

rookie said, the traditional form of complaints courier, courier companies need to communicate to the customer by the courier company headquarters, and then pass to express outlets, if not solve, consumers can only complaint to the post office, long and complex information to consumers, many consumers experience is very poor, due to complaints of trouble, often to the merchant a bad trouble. For this reason, the introduction of cloud cloud customer service functions, hoping to accelerate the transfer of information between consumers and enterprises, accelerate the handling of complaints. read more

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Every year millions of government subsidies to do with WeChat store opened five years of transformat

traditional retail industry by the impact of the Internet electricity supplier, has been proposed five years ago. At the same time, Shenzhen local a nearly 30 year history of the retail department store Tianhong shopping mall (002419) began the transformation of the internet.

September 2014, WeChat officially open payment interface, the rainbow became one of the first batch of nine companies access WeChat to pay. Rainbow WeChat public number on the line in September 2013, WeChat announced the September 2015 membership has more than 4 million, average monthly interactive membership number more than 1 million, such a magnificent achievement, rainbow only two years.

the past two years, micro business hot on the occasion, the rainbow WeChat has been a lot of training as a classic case of Amway in various classroom "". read more

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Ali next stop globalization challenge Amazon

user summary headlines over the weekend to 4 Alibaba listed, Li Na retired, Scotland’s independence referendum failed, Faye Wong Nicholas Tse. And they are interpreted as: the beginning of an era, the end of an era, an era just want to start by the end, a thought over time again! Is Ali listed in the first place, thus its influence.

Beijing time 23:53 on September 19th, after nearly 2.5 hours of waiting, Alibaba officially ushered in the first transaction, the opening price of $92.7. Listed on the first day closing price of $93.89, the issue price of $68 rose $25.89, or up to 38.07%. As a founder, now Ma to 8.9% stake in Ali to enjoy the market capitalization of $14 billion 900 million, to $21 billion 200 million of the total net assets to become the richest man in the mainland, he sold a stake of about $867 million through IPO sold. Although Ma said only that, has never considered the richest man, and even the richest man do not want to do." Since the listing is only the beginning, then Ali’s next starting point where read more

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B2C development trend of adult products

regional expansion. The main vertical B2C online retail manufacturers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou to consolidate the core city market at the same time, to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as the core to neighboring economic developed region and other large and medium-sized city radiation expansion.

expand the product category, to extend the product line. For the needs of the target population, rich product categories, to extend the product line, and gradually formed a vertical product area of integrated B2C services.

more in-depth cooperation with manufacturers and suppliers. With the vertical B2C online retail manufacturers consumption scale gradually expanded, and further deepen the relationship between the upper part of the industrial chain, in the game with the manufacturers and suppliers will have a more active position, directly affect the upstream industry chain. read more

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Beautiful said’s transformation after the first double 11 who sell more


] November 13th news billion state power network, have the transformation of its own B2C mall shopping guide website said beauty, has just experienced a double eleven "baptism", for the first time to play eleven of their victories? Billion state power network respectively to the official about the situation.

it is understood that this year’s double eleven, beautiful and have chosen to lengthen the front of the way to increase the user’s active time, but also to ease the time to bring too much pressure on the system. Among them, the beautiful said the double eleven since November 10th 20, until November 11th 24, a total of 28 hours; promotion front longer, from the beginning of November 10th 0, until November 12th 24, a total of 72 hours. read more

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11 city free Tmall supermarket where service Shanghai their first night delivery

online shopping package Tingri is so capricious

– 11 city consumers enjoy free Tmall supermarket where service

Shanghai their first night delivery

online shopping address home or unit? "" to "" wrapped in the end when? Put fresh property bad? "– called" the problem of online shopping chop hand family most tangled.

December 8th, Tmall announced a free supermarket, "where" service in the 11 national city officially launched, and in two Su Zhejiang city pilot night even distribution, eight at night can also express door-to-door service. The service provided by the rookie network logistics technology support, the use of intelligent devices to express the plug wings, so that consumers online shopping department becomes arbitrary.

typical demand — chop hand heart plug read more

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Waste joint CEO system, adjust the organizational structure, the public comment on the U.S.

Wang Xing served as CEO, chairman of transferred to

everything is just beginning, the internal business and the team has a lot of work to do, external competition is still fierce,

and with almost all of the same case, the fate of the problem since the founder of the U.S. group and the public comment announced the merger day suffering from attention.

who did not go.

on the evening of November 10, 2015, the public comment CEO Zhang Tao and the United States Mission Network CEO Wang has issued an internal staff letter. Business Week / Chinese version of the internal staff from the two companies received the two internal letters, which revealed the merger of the new company’s personnel adjustment: Wang Xing served as CEO, Zhang Tao transferred to the chairman. This means that the merger was announced by "Co CEO system" was destroyed, Zhang Tao and Wang Xing will play different roles in the new company, the former focus on strategy, which is focused on execution. read more

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