Forum moderator operation skills and promotion of the mission

forum is a comfort for spiritual home, and what is the home gardener. Not only this carefully to create a spiritual home, can All flowers bloom together. jostle. To be a good gardener, to be a good director, want to be friends gathered in your forum, and give them a working life can be unloaded in the network have around, the heart to feel, to exchange all the wonderful things in the post, it is not a very easy thing, need to spend more effort to build.

in the forum, you play a very important role, your knowledge level, personality charm, sense of responsibility plays an important role in the development of the forum. In the forum, you should understand that one of the basic principles is the owner is a service to the members of the role in the forum, although sometimes faced with deceit, hostility, provocation, cold, boring, how to show your personality among various members of the management level, the decision you have dead or management of the jar full of vigour.

1, understanding the overall style of the forum and the characteristics of this edition. The forum style determines what is the theme of this forum, as we love cool beans game forum, mainly in the game forum, other forums are a supplementary role. We must understand that we sent to the forum posts and topics, these topics which will be of interest to people, they will be interested in what. Not only have these ideas, can we select posts in the theme style, post the paste. It is no use trying to deviate from these subjects, just as a ship has deviated from its course, and it is no longer able to reach its destination.

2, improve the quality of the posts. In the early period of the forum, you should give more fine stick son to attract people. Whether the original post or reproduced posts, not a simple "copy and paste" on the matter, but can not only speak one or two words without clues words, post requirements with rich content, published when carefully editing, such as font, font size, font color, the default is gray, not very bright, it is best to change color. At the same time, with some beautiful pictures in the post, this is more beautiful with pictures and some of the more attractive. Because in this period, members are relatively small, many people still wait and see, did not participate in the actual action. From the active post, one is to maintain the freshness of the Forum; two is the more fine stick son can not only increase the readability, but also allows users to see the forum style and quality; three is the owner posts is oriented to the users, they will imitate the type of bamboo stick son of posting. Reproduced paste requirements indicate the source must specify!

3, the forum at the early stage, the lack of popularity, the people involved is relatively small, so we must depend on the owner actively posting post, support each other, to make the forum to warm up first. Each owner best registered four or five Ma3 jia3, take turns using Ma3 jia3 post, each vest each section should not exceed three (with a post too much fraud means too obvious). At the same time, according to the requirements of every spot bamboo hair ten stick, can