Amoy promotion 25% High Commission products hit season

believes that many double 11 guest brothers, have experienced the power to seize the opportunity, is the so-called typhoon pigs will fly, immediately close to year, Amoy will again a new round of transformation to meet the peak, most years ago a commodity will appear 20%-50% sales growth, some products, such as gift will achieve several times in this season’s growth, and some commodities and off-season contrast of public attention, in this busy section can achieve 1000% growth, you’re not wrong, it is ten times of growth. Each person’s ability is limited, can access the flow is also limited, how to make this limited flow to create greater value?.

Can you believe the

N, which changes with the seasons of the goods had been emerged in the brain, heart to seize the seasonal variation of the deep thought and argument… You are not wrong, I began to do advertisement, I want to tell you what this one will win crazy season products, this seemingly small but popular but not noticeable category, can not take your advertising, just send a few articles in this coming. The season, as long as the flow must have high conversion! This is an advertisement, but also an opportunity.

This product is

I want to say is, CI yuan Ge Zodiac mascot, is the new year twelve zodiac lucky auspicious New Year gift accessories. Ci yuan Ge ( is currently the whole network sales champion of this category, but also the Chinese niche category the most influential brand, noticed the Tmall accessories category of friends may know last year after CI yuan GE has been occupying the entire Tmall jewelry category (including gold and silver jewelry) sales in the first position for a long time. Now Ge CI yuan recruit guest, originally for ordinary Amoy only 5% Commission, to VIP Tao is only 18% Commission, only to very few long-term cooperation and promote a great amount of Amoy only 25% Commission, the boss decided as long as the high quality super station to Amoy friends, but also be directly to the 25% highest the Commission, because of the higher price, every single income of almost all of the above 40 dollars, as for what is the high transformation, how to get 25% Commission audit, please leave my mailbox send information to you, or add my QQ:513122739, 287751863, I taught you to suggest to add me QQ, because 25% require manual review.

I was the person in charge of CI yuan Ge Tao, everyone is engaged in the marketing, too much nonsense I don’t need to talk too much, you may believe, if reliable, directly above give evidence, believe the smart you own judgment.


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