Ali Tencent rush taxi or illegal return now accused of unfair competition


didi taxi or fast taxi behind their bosses Tencent and Alibaba is the main. IC figure

"passengers through Alipay / WeChat payment to pay a taxi driver, is actually a settlement of the contract, the passenger is principal, Alipay / WeChat payment is the trustee. The driver is more similar to the promotion, because many can pay the fare, the driver recommended to passengers pay with Alipay, WeChat, and won a prize, is equivalent to a business." The lawyer said Lang Lixin, Alipay / WeChat provides payment and settlement services, not collected money from the passengers, but also lose 10 yuan cash back, apparently to the below cost sales.

Post reporter Lu Mei

the first month of the new year, a "pie"". Didi taxi and WeChat to pay the lead, in the 32 national city to "passengers up by 10 yuan, 10 yuan driver Li Award" return now to promote mobile phone payment. 10 days later, a taxi and Alipay almost apply the extension pattern of the other two, in 40 the city launched the "passengers back now 10 yuan, 15 yuan reward drivers".

most consumers can understand, known as the "National People’s free taxi is not a taxi didi or fast taxi the two still have not found the profit model is still in free software developers behind the respective chiefs of Tencent (489.4, -11.60, -2.31%, real-time quotes) and Alibaba is the main.


began in January 10th, with the mobile phone payment market for the goal of a new round of "two oligopoly" campaign continues, both sides said to burn through the billion dollar budget again.

this, a lawyer in Hangzhou, said such a competition is to disrupt the normal market order, the business sector should be investigated.

gold Lord treat free taxi

Analysys International data show the third quarter of last year, a quick taxi in the domestic market share of 41.8%, Didi taxi 39.2%, ranked third in the shake shake action car market share of only 9%. At that time in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places to occupy the market share of the first, the number of users in the Chinese market accounted for 7.7% of the total number of users APP taxi, the advantages are obvious. At the end of last year, Didi, fast south of the northern expedition the war started.

Two taxi software behind the

challenge is obviously Tencent, Alibaba two "golden master" showdown. Last year, Alibaba two times to fast investment, a total of nearly $100 million. Didi taxi get three rounds of financing a total of $118 million, of which $45 million investment in Tencent. On the two "golden master", the nature of competition Didi, fast this is WeChat Alipay wallet payment and the payment with mobile phone subscribers.

January 10th, Didi taxi software in 32 cities to open WeChat to pay, the use of WeChat to pay, by bus fee reduced by $10, the driver >