Google is trying to break the barriers of various search desktop search and mobile search

NetEase science and technology news June 15th, according to U.S. media reports, Google Corporation, 14, held a press conference in San Francisco to showcase some of the new features Google desktop search and mobile search. Including desktop voice search and image search. Google said the company is using a variety of barriers between speech recognition, computer vision and computer translation technology innovation to break Google search results.

at the same time, Google revealed at the meeting, in the past two years, Google mobile search traffic increased by a factor of 5, and is still enjoying a high growth rate. At the meeting, Google announced a new set of features in addition to mobile search, but also highlights the new features of the recently released further innovation. Here’s a list of Google’s new search features at a media conference yesterday and a list of innovations that have been released earlier.

1 mobile search page adds a new icon, such as restaurants, cafes, bars and other icons (new release)

Google update mobile search user interface. The bottom of the user’s mobile device screen adds icons such as restaurants, cafes, bars, and adds a "more" icon. If the user clicks on these icons, you can query the user’s location of the store information. And the stores will be shown on the map.



2 mobile search page added to the user’s current location map (new release)

when the user on the mobile device to search around the location of the store, then his current location will appear on the map, and the map will also display the location of the user’s surrounding business.

3 instant search stock information (previously released)

even if the use of Google search function Google Instant, users enter keywords, while you can get search results. Yesterday, Google demonstrated the use of Google Instant instant query stock information and watch the stock market charts, etc.. Google launched this feature in March this year.

4 mobile search page to add the telescope icon (previously released)

this is also a new feature released before. Google yesterday once again demonstrated the telescope icon next to the search results. Click on the icon, the user can see the site in the mobile search page preview.

5 query conditions (Query Builder) add "add" symbol (new release)

new query condition feature adds a "add" symbol to facilitate the search problem proposal. Using this feature, Google will recommend other keywords to the user query. For example, when the user in the search box type "Hilton (Hilton)", >