Godaddy is not the end of Alipay payment reverse false rumors

is the world’s largest domain name provider Godaddy to suspend the use of Alipay trading posts in each big website reproduced, do not want to understand why untrue rumors will spread so fast.

1/ first There was problem your Please verify payment information or an use alternate form of payment.

a your credit. authorizingThis

by Alipay to pay when the tips, only occasionally, the 2 day GODADDY payment system there are some small failures have happened before, as long as the back or re – enter the shopping cart, and then settled on the OK, I also encountered a today, most still successfully paid. Don’t just say that this get excited over a little thing, is a system failure, rather than GODADDY does not support alipay.

2/ also has some speech is said to the shopping cart later found no Alipay settlement options, this is from the beginning of the 2 day, because of the previous domestic registered users purchase and settlement at the upper right corner of the country shows the default is China, so choose Alipay settlement, and this 2 days to buy shopping the car is not Alipay’s default option is because the right to the United States, as follows:


In fact, the

solution is very simple, under the flag will appear in the drop-down box to choose the option that can be domestic, China, a flag, after the election in the payment options will immediately show Alipay’s settlement options.

concerned about the wonderful GoDaddy, as in

              Godaddy to suspend payment of Alipay domestic domain registrar