The role of CRM in nternet Marketing

CRM is the interaction through customer relationship management, information technology and Internet technology to coordinate the enterprises and customers in sales, marketing, service and customer service etc., provide personalized service to customers and the communication process of the new.

The concept of

CRM has become popular in the recent e-commerce, and has gradually been recognized and accepted by enterprises. Some companies believe that the direct impact on the input of CRM to the stability and expansion of corporate customers, so the investment is very large CRM. While some companies feel that the investment in CRM is not proportional to the actual income, not up to the desired effect, so that the concept of CRM little effect on the enterprise.

entered the Internet era, the enterprise development must be integrated with the Internet, and the Internet to provide enterprises with the most extensive resources is the user group, therefore, in the future development of the enterprise on the road, CRM still has a certain effect.

CRM relies on information technology and Internet technology, therefore, the enterprise belongs to science and technology investment technology for CRM investment, development and operation ability can help enterprises to improve their CRM scheme. The CRM system is not marketing, service, maintenance and other aspects of the interaction with customers to establish automatically, it needs to take the customer as the basis for customers to develop sustainable solutions of various resources, so as to reflect the humanization of the CRM system, can also allow customers to experience the convenience of the CRM system, so as to make the enterprise to achieve the stability of the old customers, develop new customers to.

enterprises in the decision to invest in CRM, we must have a clear understanding of the company’s own market positioning. Because the purpose of CRM is to establish a good interaction between the enterprise and the customer, if the company’s customer resources are mostly mobile, for the input of CRM do not have too much effort.

CRM can be said to be a business management, business operations, business development strategy, a good CRM system for the role of the enterprise is huge, CISCO is a typical example of a good CRM system. CISCO service center in the implementation of the CRM client program, the effect of this company will not only help CISCO customer service business moved to the Internet, reduce the operation cost and manpower cost, makes the online CISCO’s support service capability has been greatly improved, so that it can be through the Internet for customer needs and opinions of the fast response.

with the help of the CRM system, CISCO not only saves the customer service cost, increase the profits of the company, but also enhance the customer satisfaction for the company, the stable customer resources but also the development of the business market.

through the case of CISCO, CRM is obviously for the benefit of the enterprise, but the company is CISCO network solutions provider, the Internet itself is a company, for relying on information technology and Internet technology, CRM has a natural innate advantage. Integration of other industries with the CRM system