Web Content Alliance standardization recommendations

Website Content Alliance standardization proposal

previously wrote the current content of the site there are several alliances, in fact, there is the heart of the overall understanding of the site content alliance. The author summarizes the advantages of each alliance, and the integration of the use of convenience, to do a more comprehensive induction. But for people who want to content alliance could be confused, do not know exactly how to build a qualified website alliance.

What is the content on the

website alliance, why do content website alliance, website content alliance to achieve what effect, the system can build the website Content Alliance aspects systematically describe. Each topic is divided into two aspects: the basic functions and extended functions, basic functions can be implemented, and the extended function is for future expansion to do feasibility suggestions for improvement, and the added value of personalized alliance.

the following content to take a Q & A in this concise form of expression:

question 1: what is the website content alliance?

Website Content Alliance refers to a kind of website cooperation form which is provided by a party with content resources, which can be distributed to other websites by certain means. From the technical point of view is divided into server-side real-time access to the server to update the regular type, direct domain name binding. The domain name binding type (hereafter refers to a single domain binding type Content Alliance) with space saving resources, fast response characteristics, has been widely welcomed and content partners, the disadvantage is large by page similarity, relying solely on the search flow type dependency owners to engage scruples and rejection.

question two: why should a party with information resources do content site alliance?

for the content side, there are several reasons why: 1 possible extended information dissemination channels, improve the content of the penetration rate, to promote their products, can be described as lucrative. 2 to enhance visibility, and thus gain the right to speak in the industry, is now the eyeball economy, if the release of information can be released at the same time by tens of thousands of sites at the same time, the impact of natural. 3 take curve strategy to get traffic. 4 in consideration, if you know, please log in www.kaobi.com to explore. 5 cost is very small, do not need to pay Adsense advertising costs, to the need to join the binding domain name function on the server can be described as the full development and utilization of existing resources. Server bandwidth is not white, and can not be stored.

question three: why do you want to join the personal website content alliance

for personal webmaster, there are several possible benefits: 1 simple and easy to expand the content of the site, in its own web site to provide more content. Exempt from space costs, art, content collection. Just need to do a two level domain name, put their own web page code, everything else to the Content Alliance to do 2 free access to quality content, improve the attractiveness of the site. For example, join the picture content alliance, small