QQ group to share some experience to promote

QQ group promotion has been a commonly used means of promotion, many of the skills on this site has also been summarized. I will also use their own QQ group in QQ a few small experience to share with you to share.

Adsense QQ group promotion methods commonly used are as follows:

one, the most direct way is to add group, and then directly in the group of advertising. This method is the most direct way, but there are many shortcomings, one is a group of can send ads most people hate, not only the promotion of the site can not give a good impression, but also easy to play; two is now Internet safety awareness are improved, so the links have been issued with fewer people to click, and can also be reported once they are reported more often, want to send the link to send out.

two, a more tactful approach, is the gradual penetration. That is, after the first group with the manager and other members of the group mixed with a familiar face, and then from time to time to send their own ads, God does not know. Or mixed with the administrator cooked, and then publish ads or become their own administrator and then change the group announcement and the like to achieve the purpose of publicity. Although this method can avoid the disadvantages of the first method, but this method needs a large amount of time and cost and have some communication skills, it is not easy to operate.

because of the above two methods are relatively big shortcomings, so I generally do not use, I mainly use QQ group + e-mail group of way:

first, of course, is the collection of target QQ group. This can usually be found through keywords, for example, what you do is programming the site, then you can through programming, ASP, PHP, Java and other keywords to find, and then add to these groups inside. My usual practice is to find these groups later, and then the number of groups in accordance with the arrangement, the general increase in the number of groups. Of course, there are a lot of online groups to find groups of software, this step may also be achieved through software.


Figure 1: find the target QQ group

second step to get QQ group member information. Through the QQ group members all finishing software group which is extracted, the extracted is group member number, then as long as the numbers followed by the suffix @qq.com, so you have a large number of potential users of email address.


Figure 2: get QQ group member information

third steps, ready to mass content. Mass mail page design should be fine. My approach is very simple, is to use Foxmail to do mass, first in the design of the Foxmail you want to mass content, design may refer to other large companies advertising mail, or really pick up their mail