Network marketing integration promotion training summary (next)

this network marketing after the promotion of integrated training summary (on). Network marketing to promote the integration of training to do all of this is to write post, post, reply the three step. Some people may say that the process is not necessarily good. But if you do not do it according to the constitution, it must not be good! In the marketing communication process, many factors are immeasurable, your marketing communication process if there is a big event, over you are marketing events, with strong competitors, crisis public relations, all that could you have done will be wasted. At least, in the whole process of communication, people can not grasp the manufacturing source of communication initiative, the purpose is to want to spread the spread of the source, the diffusion where diffusion area, manufacturing source of propagation of people cannot predict, marketing success lies in the spread of the source.

network marketing network to promote the integration of the need to rely on the Internet, have what things are good, if you know the Sina editor, an article page top display, can not be concerned? Will spread out? No! What a relationship, money can be. But for the integration of network marketing to promote this project, do not spend money does not matter, it is only to adapt to the marketing environment. When there is no initiative, can only then strain, in case of strong and avoid. Like, we practice the process in the 5G post, home tyrants screen for nearly 1 hours. If, when someone posted about, will continue to ignore the communication people find the 5G caused outrage, the consequences may be all of us ID, all posts have been deleted, in the 5G to do the whole project will come to naught.

regardless of the network in a platform or media to do marketing, the source of the production of communication, we must remember to adapt to the channel, rules, the environment does not change. In violation of rules, encounter trouble, should take the initiative to change the marketing strategy and means of communication, rather than doing that stupid egg stone, you may "hang" miserable. You are in the domain of others, others should comply with the site the most basic requirements, summed up a vivid words: strong dragon fight snakes. Do contrary to the wishes of others is tantamount to rape other people’s thinking, I think no one would like to.

                soft Wen promotion method;  . Write soft (, or a reference to a good article, which cleverly add your own web site, achieve good promotion effect, is soft promotion with less investment, attract potential consumers eyeball, enhance product sales force, improve product reputation, enhance the brand website. Under the influence of soft Wen, to achieve the purpose of the strategic tactics of the product, to guide the purchase of consumer groups advertising. In addition, the timeliness of the portal news for a long time, can be cited as the best material for corporate propaganda. And the portal site in the search engine to enjoy the advantages of a high ranking in the portal to spread the information is easy to search in the Internet related