Do the station should first think of a good promotion, can not rely on Baidu

station, should first understand is: think of how to promote, don’t let do stand to become their own burden; often ask myself, I still have passion? Do the station is a kind of business method, business is more than one way.

novice do stand in when they have a kind of impulse, whenever I think of a overwhelmed with admiration for theme, can not wait to put into action, perhaps in do before also thought of website promotion, website promotion but thinking time is less than 1% of the time the production site.

and the website is done, fill in the following content, but did not know what to do, just know enrich website content every day, looking forward to Baidu was included, was to flow, hard to earn advertising fees. But if Baidu does not include you or can not give you a good ranking, the site is difficult to flow. If happened to Baidu’s K station storm, even escape from death in a great catastrophe will be weakened. So have to consider when the site to leave Baidu, how to survive?

to do so since the flow is difficult to promote, it can not always think of advertising, to change a way of thinking to do stand, so there are a lot of people choose to shop in Taobao or do industry website.

set up shop in Taobao, a few years ago, but I feel trouble, so I have not done, the shop on the Internet is not too solution, so there is not much to say. And do the industry website? Is it feasible? I think it is, if there is no good channels, in their own work and life, there is no certain resources of the industry, the same bad.

I do not know how many owners are now full-time to do, perhaps more part-time in doing. I want to do a station, or a good part-time. If full-time, that the site is not affecting the income of their own mood, their state of instability, people will become impetuous. The more impetuous, things do not do better.

I and most of the webmaster, like to do ( this station is also because of interest. However, with the station to do a long time, the interest in doing the station has gradually become smaller, become very utilitarian, and because of the long time in this state, so people become impetuous, and the former interest is no longer interested. No interest, less power, do not do a good stand