Cross screen era multi screen integration, precision marketing


mobile Internet era, a variety of mobile smart devices become fragmented time to use tools to achieve cut screen conversion between mobile phone and computer, or on the way to work, LED display, bus, subway and even the elevator video ads, all grabbed user attention, however is really to "grab"?

kidnapping consumption, away from consumer

since when, people will not wait in front of the TV waiting for the ads to skip, watching their favorite programs, or on the way to buy a newspaper to see what the news recently. The development of science and technology and the rise of the mobile Internet, gradually changing all this.

morning to open the mobile phone habits of the brush circle of friends, work on the road to brush micro-blog bus, red light, look out of the window, there is a beauty in the smiling to myself, good LED video, to the company downstairs waiting for the elevator, accidentally see above broadcast with a drug advertising, what is this, to the company open the computer to office, dinner time on the tablet to watch movies, go to work on the road to open mobile phone community Tucao day happened at night, lying in bed watching over computer again playing mobile phone

according to statistics, cross screen users have accounted for more than 91.8% of the total number of Internet users. And many businesses are taking advantage of the potential of the video market, and gradually began to kidnap consumption, a variety of medical, electronic digital advertising is almost universal bombing, whether or not the target user. High quality creative advertising is also easy to accept, and low quality and no demand for advertising is most likely to cause resentment. In fact, these cross screen switching phenomenon is seriously fragmented consumer attention, but they gradually began to become numb, the sensitivity of the video is being reduced. Even if there is a demand, the first thought is not the source of advertising, but the product itself, business advertising is not appropriate, in the end it is only for others to do the wedding dress.

precision marketing, effective cross screen

longitudinal Sok Wang said: "across the screen should be effective is to analyze the data through the questionnaire, with different types of consumers, the product is put in the right time, right place, the right of consumers to improve the content of touch up rate."

, for example, if you want to do in life activities such as advertising, such as toothpaste is needed in daily life, but because it belongs to the high frequency just, so the brand recognition is not high, if the brand such as Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste without you positioning in the high-end, it is not necessary to complete PUSH, not only is it the waste of resources, but also caused people to dislike, advertising imagine any supermarket can buy a toothpaste, who will be a waste of time to rare? More than a few popular micro-blog brush. But advertising is still to be done, relative to the bus, LED, or the launch of the elevator, people are more likely to choose to ignore, may wish to choose in the computer, mobile phone and the end of the board.

if you look at the computer, mobile phone and the end of the board to see a very interesting program, to the advertising section can not be blocked, you may choose >