Google+ top paste cited privacy concerns Google push push button

Beijing on July 1st news, according to foreign media reports, although Google promised Google+ will have a better privacy management capabilities, but it’s the first privacy issues have surfaced.

Google+ service is Google in the social field of fourth attempts, according to Google, the main selling point of this product is a better way of privacy management, directed at the soft underbelly of Facebook. Using Google+ services, users can be divided into different groups of friends, so that they do not want to share with their families to tell other friends.

But according to

first found that the service has the privacy issues of the "Financial Times" said, Google+ has a "share" (Reshare) others post function, the user can then share other people within the circle of posts, but other friends shared posts will be affixed to the top people in the outside of the circle see, this is beyond the original post, people just want to share information about the intention in the circle, which lead to privacy issues.


before the release of the social networking service Buzz in the protection of privacy on fallen. Google said in a blog post this week that Google+ services are still in the closed beta phase, and users may find some deficiencies.

Google said in a statement: we will actively listen to feedback from testers. Before the release of the product, we will adjust the system according to the feedback of the testers."

Google+ was originally used to invite the test mechanism, but then because the user demand is too strong, Google has closed the invitation of the new user features.

now, Google+ users can in a post just released a click "no top stick" button, but this is not always the best way to solve this problem properly.