Chongqing denies 58 thousand websites will be shut down

recently, Chongqing netizen Chen Yaojian on micro-blog asked Chongqing will turn off 58 thousand sites, true and false, attracted many netizens and Internet practitioners attention. Yesterday, the Chongqing communications authority denied that tongguanju only according to the requirements of the Ministry of information, to update the record data in the incomplete information of the website or canceled, "just finishing the record data, has nothing to do with the off site".

tongguanju information security management office director Wang Hua told reporters, the Ministry released in January "plan" working class for shell data cleaning, requires all tongguanju and access service providers for each batch of gradually shell class record data. Tongguanju in mid January the publicity of the current city site record, data show that our filing system in the "empty subject" information for 4120 "shell, 57931 web site information.

According to

reports, according to the requirements of the Ministry of industry, due to the site shut down or change access providers, access to information and information changes did not change, known as the "shell website", tongguanju will re scan, asking them to confirm access to business information, which has been suspended if the website tongguanju will on record data.


Xiangfei Ao