E rent progress treasure case has been involved in the recovery of assets worth more than 10 billion

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police announced e rent treasure case investigation progress of stolen goods has been involved in the recovery of assets worth more than ten billion yuan

Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 23 November, (reporter Lu Guoqiang) reporter from the Beijing municipal public security authority was informed that in the unified command of the Ministry of public security, by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau of investigation of the "e rent treasure case has been at the end of August 14, 2016 the investigation, Ding Ning and other 26 suspects on suspicion of fraud, illegal deposits from the public etc. the crime was transferred to prosecutors for investigation and prosecution.

investigation, since July 2014, the suspect Ding Ning, Aman Chang, Ding Dian by Anhui Yucheng Financial Leasing Co. Ltd., Jin Yirong (Beijing) Network Technology Co. Ltd., Shun Xin financial information services (Beijing) Co., Ltd. "Yucheng" company and "e rent treasure network platform, together with the suspect Penley, Yong Lei by fabricating false leasing project wantonly to transfer, leasing project debt to pay high interest rates to absorb funds as bait, involving more than 90 people, more than 580 yuan, as of the unpaid amount of nearly 37 billion yuan.

police also found that since February 2015, the suspect Ding Ning, Ding Dian by Anhui Yucheng Financial Leasing Co. Ltd., Jasinda fortune (Beijing) Investment Advisory Co., Jasinda Century (Beijing) Business Consulting Co., Ltd. "Yucheng" and "sesame financial" platform, together with Penley, Yong Lei, et al. With the transfer of personal debt, and other projects to pay high interest as bait, fabricates project to absorb funds, involving more than 21 people, 12 more than 100 million yuan, as the outstanding amount of 8 million yuan.

it is understood that the above part of the funds, such as Ding Ning wantonly squandered, dominate. As of now, the national public security organs to freeze funds involved more than 10 billion yuan, the seizure of cash equivalent to about 300 million yuan, about 18.7 grams of gold products, real estate, jewelry, equity, vehicles, helicopters, office supplies and a number of property involved. Next, the public security organs according to law with the examination organs to do case follow-up action, continue to recover the assets involved, to minimize the losses of investors.