9 sites for issuing false drug information checked

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9 websites issued false drug information checked

, the State Food and Drug Administration in November 6th issued a notice that the recent inspection found in Cordyceps capsule, American black Viper official website 9 Internet sites illegal publication of false information, the contents of unscientific claims to cure diseases and the use of assertions, name of academic institutions, experts, doctors, patients and other image proof so, deception to mislead consumers, harm public food and drug safety, food and drug administration has to be transferred to the relevant departments to investigate and punish illegal websites.


checked the site, Cordyceps capsule products "from the official website declared without any side effects, from the source to improve the comprehensive regulation of the rheumatic diseases, complications; website called" spirit spirit papule papules, no scar repair completely, completely pearl rash treatment".

called the American black official website released the "American gold product information, declared" invalid refund, safe; the product has been FDA by the testing center, identified as taking the men’s impotence jiapin". This information is also the emergence of such violations, the official website of the Swiss Louis 16 website, food and drug administration believes that the site contains unscientific claims that the efficacy of the product, such as the authenticity of the contents of the guarantee and obscene.

food and Drug Administration requirements of the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) food and drug administration departments to increase the illegal site inspections, on suspicion of false information, the sale of counterfeit products, in conjunction with the relevant departments to investigate; suspected of a crime, promptly transferred to public security organs.