Online ticket search SeatGeek profitable domestic companies are still facing challenges



SeatGeek is a company founded in 2009 of the online ticketing search start-up companies, said in August the company achieved profitability for the first time the day before. Co founder Russell D’Souza said, this is not just a temporary blip, September also received a profit; and he believe that the company can continue to maintain profitability: "the user had massive money is gaining rapid growth pace."

SeatGeek ticket sales revenue in September was $2 million 500 thousand, compared with the same period last year and $1 million 100 thousand in the same period in 2010, compared with $550 thousand in revenue rose sharply. In addition, SeatGeek traffic is steadily growing, the number of visitors from 2011 to 490 thousand in 2010 and the number of visitors in the year of 260 thousand in the number of visitors to the same period last year increased by 1 million 600 thousand visitors in September.

and those users because of the explosive growth of one successful start-up companies than SeatGeek, is completely a counterexample. Since its inception, the company continued to grow steadily, and focus on revenue growth, rather than the number of users crazy growth.

SeatGeek, the search engine can be polymerized from ticket sales website such as ticketing and StubHub (acquired by eBay) of the various events and concert tickets, the company has been with the social networking site ticket based on Ticketfly agreement, will enter the preliminary online ticketing service.


SeatGeek allows users to try to choose the seat through the 3D, and for the transaction score, advertising sponsorship, but also to get the exact time of the show. The company has now received $1 million 650 thousand in financing, but D’Souza said he would be cautious about the new round of financing, because venture capital is not their only choice.

is very similar to the SeatGeek nature of the play is also a network of vertical search company, founded in 2011, the company’s predecessor is China ticketing online". Through the polymerization of thousands of ticket agents in China, and with the performance of the parties, the network can provide users with real-time performance information, ticket balance, and can be online parity. Unlike SeatGeek, a drama network also allows individual users online transactions of second-hand tickets, to really be known why, then we will call it "ticket + sector where".


2011 in November, the network had announced the launch of the financing, but as of now, we do not know the specific amount of how much. Xu Hongqiang, founder of the company, said in an interview that the financing costs will be used for marketing. The person in charge said that the future is expected to pass >