Why Ali mother to push advertising cheap market

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      today received two emails from Ali’s mother. The first letter is for the advertising seller, as follows:

cited content:
Dear Ali mother member,

recently joined buyers more, shortage of advertising, in order to pull the online transaction, this week, Ali mother held the seller crazy push activities, a lot of opportunities!

1, from now until September 30th, all time long billing and weekly price of $10 will be exempt from the transaction commission.
2, the two users will be in the sale of advertising with integrity symbol, integrity of members of the advertising will sell better oh
3, Ali Mama launched advertising selection area, and the ongoing large-scale promotional activities of buyers!


now, the price down to less than 50 yuan, mom to help you promote! Ali immediately enjoy preferential policies, first come first benefit!

      second is to the advertising buyers, the content is as follows (with deletion):

The following contents:


we carefully selected a number of low price advertising, you can only spend one yuan, two yuan, or even just a few dollars to buy advertising, Ali became the first batch of the mother of the sale of advertising. Eat an ice cream, smoke less smoke, buyers from here to start the trip!

      thus, Ali mother hand advertising encourages sellers to reduce advertising price, and through a variety of preferential policies such as exemption from trading commissions to promote the sale of advertising sellers, on the other hand, rely on low-cost advertising to attract buyers to purchase advertising. The mom strategy may is the first by cheap advertising market to promote the platform of online advertising boom to do low-end low-cost market, and then gradually to the high price of advertising market boom extension.

      Ali’s mother does not care about the total transaction amount on its platform size, Ali mother want to present advertising business prosperity, as long as the transaction more prosperous trading more frequently, Ali mother even if successful; therefore, frequent advertising transactions or not, it has become the current Ali.