Jiangsu uncovered large online pornography case the principal for civil servants

Xinhuanet.com Nanjing in July 18,

("China Internet" reporter Wang Junyong) only the second grade primary school culture, but the management of a server in the huge porn sites; a year left retired staff, in order to have the power of addiction, became a pornographic website administrator……

Jiangsu Nantong City Public Security Bureau released in July 18th, much of the assistance of the police, the Bureau removed more than 20 provinces, the spread of pornographic materials case cracked a large network by the national pornography Office of the Ministry of public security joint supervision, arrested 31 suspects. Cases reflect the fight against pornography and regulatory issues, it is worth pondering.

a small clue to pull Internet porn major

in April 1st this year, the Nantong Municipal Public Security Bureau police detachment Xu Shuangzheng ready to work, find a job: "a local Rudong netizen" JSRD "often management and maintenance of a named" SIS360 entertainment online "outside the forum website."

Xu Shuang immediately opened the target site and found that this is a porn site, so in-depth investigation. After investigation, the site is located in the United States, the web site of the "private sector" in a large number of pornographic videos, pictures, text, web content browsing hidden.

later, the Nantong Municipal Public Security Bureau deployed 85 police set up a task force. In May 2nd, a task force composed of 18 arrest teams to Beijing, Xinjiang and other 18 provinces, Shanghai, in cooperation with the local public security organs, arrested more than 20 suspects Liu, who founded the website. As of July 16th the case last one suspects Wang was arrested in Shenyang, successfully solved cases, 31 suspects were all arrested.

primary school grade two culture of Internet users through the translation of the site was rented outside the server

as the case has surfaced, some details shocked the police. The website founder Liu is 27 years old this year, the name "road fly", Xi’an, lower limb paralysis, only the second grade primary school culture, is honest and stiff, who also can not imagine he is the principal.

due to mobility, Liu elementary school after grade two will drop out of school at home. Usually like reading, home after the opening of the Internet, but also the use of network learning. Liu said, a chance to browse to a porn site, see the site membership fee is very high, so the initiation of the creation of pornographic sites to earn money to reduce the burden on the family idea. After that, he will learn how to build a website.

hire foreign server prices cheaper, but the relevant sites are all in english. This is only the second grade primary school culture let Liu committed. As a result of not English, he had to translate the English words on the site one by one in the relevant translation website, spent a lot of effort to successfully purchase, hire a foreign server.

in September last year, the successful opening of the site, set up a regular member and VIP member >