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1 Ali small and micro financial shareholding structure with the share of the shares of the 20 thousand employees

November 4th news, recently, Ali announced Ali small micro finance equity reform plan. According to the program, Ali small micro finance 40% stake will be shared with ALI and Ali small and micro finance nearly all of the staff of about 20 thousand, in addition to about 60% stake in the future of strategic investors.

according to the decision of small and micro gold service, in November 1st the service of small and micro gold clothing and Alibaba group 24 thousand employees, each will get a small and micro gold service shares. Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Group’s stake in concern. Information provided by small and micro financial group, in accordance with national regulations, after the completion of all formalities, the proportion of MA in small and micro finance will not exceed the proportion of its stake in the Alibaba group.

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2.P2P net loan industry risk industry ills began warning

news October 5th, the day before, low-key wading P2P business of China Merchants Bank news caused great concern of the capital market, has been leading the banking net, cross-border innovation, China Merchants Bank, try to carry out the P2P business, brought some positive factors to the P2P industry in the near future uncertain disturbance. After all, China Merchants Bank is a traditional bank, bank liquidity management, risk control, compliance and financial strength are better, the bank chiefs incoming P2P, P2P industry practitioners interpreted as positive factors, but also is considered to strengthen high-level signal to P2P industry consolidation.

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3 Sogou browser traced the major loopholes post person someone hacking

November 6th news, recently there are users on the professional Kafan forum said, use QQ account login browser Sogou, can see thousands of other users of personal accounts, including QQ, Alipay, email, bank property involves the user account information, or even directly into someone else’s Alipay transfers shopping, or directly payment transaction.