A barrage of fanaticism t’s time to pour a bucket of ice water



] Chinese core tip of the Internet is never a lack of ability, put a hot detonation propagation but unfortunately, most of the time are half baked taste thicker the innovation of marketing.

cinema seats twinkling light, the audience cheerful faces, eyes constantly between mobile phone and the big screen switch. The screen quickly across a colorful subtitles. Yes, this is a barrage of movies.

Barrage is one of the most hot topic this summer, from "qinshiming" to "age 3", the film belongs to this barrage of niche circle phenomenon to the public, a number of mainstream media have reported that the "new things", for a time, the main barrage in ACG (animation, animation the concept, game) circle of popular are all stir, if not understand barrage means they have left behind.

fear of their own "outdated" social emotions began to spread from the Internet circle. Over the past year, American youth social darling Snapchat bluntly rejected the acquisition of Facebook, the Tencent CEO about this, Ma Huateng couldn’t help feeling: "even if you have no what’s wrong, is wrong too old", "when Giants Fall, the body is still hot.

is not only the Internet giants feel a "midlife crisis", the mobile Internet impact on all walks of life, the fear that they will be abandoned by the times the mood began to spread throughout the social elite, they need to give their powerlessness to find export, then 90, sub culture is like a straw on pedestals.

so we can see that the whole society began to blitz 90 venture, barrage seems to become a younger generation of crack password, name barrage movie stunt came into being, a sweeping trend. However, people will talk about those words barrage technology circles, business circles, marketing circle, how to really understand what is the essence of the barrage? Barrage movie is really a revolutionary


barrage preexistence


Barrage is derived from the word STG, which is a shooting game. Obviously, the game is of course Indoorsman Indoorswoman are covered, for example, is known as one of the three wonders of the "Oriental people project" ontology is one such type of game. In this kind of game will be a barrage of bullets travel, because of the large number of comments on "barrage" across the screen and the game is like, so the video across the subtitles also known as the barrage.

why the barrage would first set off

in the ACG group


both created a new barrage video interactive mode of Japanese website Nic>