Site planning process and steps

the success of a web site and the site before the site planning has a very important relationship. Prior to the establishment of the site should be clear the purpose of building the site, the site’s functionality, the size of the site, the cost of inputs, the necessary market analysis. Web site planning plays a role in the planning and guidance of the website, and plays an important role in the content and maintenance of the website. Only detailed planning, in order to avoid a lot of problems in the construction site, so that the site can be carried out smoothly.

site planning book contains the following:

a, market analysis
1, the market is related to what kind of industry, what kind of characteristics, whether to carry out the company’s business on the internet.
2, analysis of the main competitors in the market, the competition of the Internet and its website planning, function.
3, the company’s own condition analysis, company profiles, market advantages, can use the website to enhance what competitiveness, the ability to build a website (cost, technology, manpower, etc.).

two, the purpose and function of the site
1, why do you want to build a website, in order to promote products, electronic commerce, or the construction industry website? Is the need of the enterprise or the extension of market development?
2, the integration of company resources to determine the site features. According to the company’s needs and plans to determine the function of the website: product promotion, online marketing, customer service, e-commerce, etc..
3, potential user needs analysis, the value of the site for the user, and the value of the company.
4, according to the website function, determine the purpose of the site should be achieved.

1, leased virtual host configuration.
2, website security measures, hacking, virus protection program.
3, the development of related procedures. Such as web program ASP, JSP, CGI, database procedures, etc..

1, according to the website content planning website planning purposes and functions of website content, business website should include: company profiles, product introduction, service content, basic content of price information, contact information, online orders, etc..
2, e-commerce website to provide member registration, detailed information on goods and services, information search queries, order confirmation, payment, help, etc..
3, if the web site is more, then consider the use of Web site programming is responsible for the relevant content. Note: Web site content is the most important factor to attract visitors, no content or not practical information will not attract visitors to browse. Can be expected to read the information in advance, and after the release of the site to investigate people’s satisfaction with the content of the site in order to adjust the content of the site in a timely manner.

five, web design
1, web design in general and the enterprise as a whole >