DELL, Amway, the network created a new trend

network direct marketing is a kind of direct selling, refers to the manufacturer through the Internet directly contact the end user, and not through the wholesaler or retailer operation mode. It is understood that e-commerce in China has a history of ten years, the network direct selling as early as the end of the last century in 90s to enter China, which is clearly marked the birth of the first domestic network marketing software business express. With the application of network marketing software, network direct marketing is becoming a trend, and gradually change the pattern of the traditional marketing system.

network marketing is conducive to open up new markets

network direct marketing in the future, for the enterprise to make the first contribution is to strengthen the enterprise external propaganda efforts, help enterprises to develop new markets.

at that time, the domestic business website has just arisen, for online shopping, most people are still at the cognitive level. Most companies will use the Internet as an important means of foreign propaganda, as long as the enterprise and product sales information posted on the Internet, people across the country will be able to see. Although this short time can not bring too big change to the sale of the enterprise, but the enterprise and products will make a general impression in the brains of people, even to the needs of the customer will consult or direct field to find to look. To some extent, the network direct marketing to expand the market space, sales are not subject to geographical restrictions.

network direct sales directly affect the company’s sales

With the rapid development of the domestic

e-commerce website, network marketing software matures, more and more traditional companies began to use the network marketing model for Internet sales, especially after 2004.

Analysys International Statistics show that in 2004 China e-commerce transactions amounted to about 440 billion yuan, about 620 billion yuan in 2005. According to the National Bureau of Statistics survey, in 2006 China’s total e-commerce transactions more than 15000 yuan. According to iResearch statistics, in 2007 China’s e-commerce market size of about 1 trillion and 700 billion yuan. Thus, the network marketing has a direct impact on the sales of enterprises.

with the role of network marketing is becoming more and more obvious, companies choose to become a direct network marketing trends, such as DELL, Amway, AVON, etc., have started a direct network. Network direct marketing has a direct impact on the sales of enterprises. In addition, the impact of network marketing on emerging industries is even more so. For example, a well-known domestic fitness equipment, fitness equipment manufacturers have satiated at the dinner after crying to tell, not their own factory direct sales network, is likely to be sold early.

network optimization of the traditional distribution system

network direct marketing system, there seems to be a contradiction between the manufacturers and distributors. On the one hand, with the increase of the amount of direct marketing network, the size of the distribution market more or less affected; on the other hand, the end user understanding of the manufacturers and products in more detail, even the price range is relatively transparent.