Sumner County Sheriff Weekly Jail bookings: May 8 – May 15, 2017

first_imgMunoz, Carlos J.32Kansas City, Kansas415 N. Michigan Ave, Oxford, KansasDomestic battery5/13/17 White, Britton A.23Mulvane, KansasCowley County Jail, Winfield, KansasProbation Violation5/10/17 Musgrove, Melissa D.30Park City, KansasSedgwick County Jail, Wichita, KansasIdentity Fraud; Identity Theft; Unlawful use of driver’s license5/8/17 Alexander, Anthony49Hutchinson, KansasReno County Jail, Hutchinson, KansasFailure to Appear5/14/17        McIntire, Mallory J.31Wellington, Kansas10th and G St., Wellington, KansasCriminal trespass / Disorderly conduct5/14/17 Phillips, Timothy M.38Wichita, Kansas777 Kansas Star Dr., Sumner County KSFailure to Appear; Driving while suspended;5/10/17 Effertz, Stephen S.44Caldwell, Kansas815 N. Woodlawn Apt. 229, Wellington, KansasTheft of prop/services5/14/17 Blocker, Ike D. IV24Wichita, Kansas501 N. Washington, Wellington, KansasProbation Violation5/10/17 Piersall, Terran G.19Haysville, Kansas777 Kansas Star Dr., Sumner County KSUnlawful use of drivers license5/11/17 Wooding, Eric W.40Lincoln, NebraskaS 1-335 MP 8.6, South Haven, KansasDriving While Suspended; Failure to pay toll;  Lancaster Co. Nebraska warrant5/11/17 Osborne, Robert J.40Wellington, Kansas610 E. Hillside, Wellington, KansasProbation Violation5/10/17 Orange, Laquesha R.32Wichita, KansasSedgwick County Jail, Wichita, KansasProbation Violation5/10/17 Boor, Brian S.25Wellington, Kansas1210 N. B St., Wellington, KansasCriminal Damage to property5/11/17 Monday 0600  thru  Monday 0600  WEEKLY   BOOKINGS05/8/2017 thru 05/15/2017  Watkins-Hickey, Kiephinn D.34Detroit, MichiganMacomb County Jail, Mt. Clemons, MichiganFailure to Appear5/11/17 Kessinger, James R. Jr.24Wichita, Kansas501 N. Washington, Wellington, KansasProbation Violation5/8/17 Nash, Timothy H.20Wellington, KansasHargas Creek Watershed, Wellington, KansasTheft of property5/11/17 Jones, Nicholas D.33Wichita, KansasSB-I-35, Mulvane, KansasDriving under influence of alcohol or drugs5/14/17 Cline, Kellie J.41Whitewater, KansasSedgwick County Jail, Wichita, KansasBuglary; Theft5/11/17 Thomas, Darico C.26Kansas City, MissouriN I035 HWY MP 32Driving while habitual violator5/13/17 Proctor, Tony A.38Oxford, Kansas121 N. Sumner, Oxford, KansasMaking false information; Criminal use of financial card; Forgery; Giving a worthless check5/9/17 Gallegos, Gage M.23Wichita, KansasSedgwick County Jail, Wichita, KansasProbation Violation5/11/17 Willoughby, Robert J.23Wichita, Kansas501 N. Washington, Wellington, KansasBattery; Disorderly Conduct5/12/17 Simons, Christopher D.28Belle Plaine, Kansas419 N. Logan, Belle Plaine, KansasNorth Carolina Warrant5/12/17 Sumner Newscow report — The Sumner County Sheriff Office report for May 8 to May 15, 2017 weekly jail bookings are as follows: The full sheriff report can be found here. Glover, Edward C.45Wellington, Kansas208 N. Washington, Wellington, KansasCriminal Trespass; Criminal Damage to property5/10/17 Sharp, Kathryn L.29Wichita, Kansas777 Kansas Star Dr., Mulvane, KansasArrest by LEO / Failure to Appear5/13/17 McGinn, Morgan E.31Wichita, Kansas200 E. 30th St. S., Wellington, KansasDriving while license cancelled/suspended/revoked5/13/17 Banks, Anthony M.34Wichita, KansasSedgwick County Jail, Wichita, KansasFailure to Appear; Contempt of Court5/10/17 NAMEAgeHOMETOWNLOCATION OF ARRESTCHARGESDATE OF ARRESTlast_img