Professional portrait painting website for small projects

in Inner Mongolia blog podcast yesterday morning, one is to build a professional website suddenly thought, provide users with portrait photos on the web, formulate specifications and requirements, and then the website offline for painting (painting, drawing, cartoon and other descriptions) after the completion of the effect of feedback to the user sure, after sent by courier to the user. A piece of work can charge about 50-500 yuan. This pattern is similar to online Digital Printing


production tasks, may not be the official staff, customers can choose their favorite, designers, to make, the overall operating costs are relatively low. The site is responsible for the creation of the line, there are 5-6 people can, the initial investment, including the cost of site construction, site, personnel costs. If there is a relationship can be linked to part-time, then the cost can also be down. Learn and friends, now only the traditional paper media have some incidental comic aspects of the business, the other is not involved, but now this site all the links are simplified to self-help. Finish line.


now the idea is not perfect. Occasionally think, only for reference.


I wish you 2008 happy new year… The site is on the next floor!!!