How can the improper operation of public opinion marketing brand ruined careful not essential

do not know how many people remember the CCTV big bucks Qinchi "? Don’t know how many people remember the" three lines "on both sides of the Changjiang River whitewashers? That era resounded the brand, but now no traces disappear. Some people say that Qin Chisheng also defeated Wang, Wang (background note: Shandong Qinchi winery was in 1995 and 1996, CCTV prime time advertising Standard King, advertising amount is 66 million yuan and 320 million yuan), but the line is detonated Qinchi, "Economic Reference News" a "Qinchi liquor blending is a series of news reports by Sichuan wine. But with the Shandong enterprises, three strains of group is also facing such a catastrophe, intensive coverage of more than and 20 media "eight bottles of oral liquid three dead a man", finally for the year 150 thousand employees, annual profits of 1 billion 800 million business empire collapsed.


coincidentally, these two events have occurred in 1997. To know what kind of era, China has almost no Internet, information dissemination is not as fast as it is today. The advent of the Internet era, the number of "Qinchi" and "three line" down, and we do not know the reason behind. Brand regardless of size, and number of weak enterprise, walk on the edge of network marketing? Many years of experience in actual combat pilot told baldgood, public opinion marketing (also known as public opinion is not essential, PR) especially the economic situation decline, the market downturn is even more so. Today we explore the issue is how small and medium enterprises to do a good job in the Internet model of public opinion marketing management.

attaches great importance to good data monitoring

in the course of business, good intentions to do the product from the service, it is a fundamental business operation, but also the foundation of good corporate brand and reputation. But this does not mean that public opinion marketing is not important, especially in the Internet era. For large companies due to abundant funds, mostly using self built team plus PR outsourcing approach, engaged in brand management and public opinion monitoring work. For small and medium companies, public opinion marketing outsourcing is a relatively ideal choice. Such as pilot Bo king of such a network marketing company, apart from the provision of public opinion monitoring work rigorous, but also combined with data analysis, provide data support for brand management. Data monitoring is the first step in the marketing of public opinion, no matter what kind of way, we must attach great importance to.


communication and negotiation to solve

is not the beginning of all adverse public opinion are malicious, mostly consumer complaints, a helpless choice after afflict by every means. Therefore, enterprises should have the correct values, negative public opinion information, the first thought should be to contact the customer to properly resolve. For example, the three events mentioned in this article, if the beginning of the enterprise to attach great importance to the initiative to contact the consumer to solve the problem, or