Startups should be tough

religious worship tends to be crazy and wrong to believe in some important ideas; successful companies need to believe in some crazy but true facts.


The question not going to let me, it’s who’s to stop who’s going is me. In a company, you can control how many people can not reflect your prestige, few people can stop you do what you want to do is. This way of thinking # #, from the positive and island (micro signal: zhenghedao), author Guo Xiaojing.


I love to see Peter · tell, I mean that I see him, but not his book or his speech. For me, the people as a whole, in anthomaniac. At the same time, he thought the hot efficiency will certainly get higher.

in an interview he always looks very delicate, pure color T-shirt with dark background interview, minimalist style, a school of elegance. He speaks quickly, the tone is not high, undulating, but the logic is clear. His "delicate", in his own view, is a Silicon Valley style, is different from the professional manager, investment manager or a lawyer. Today, as an investor, he still has a Silicon Valley style dress has a saying: "real engineers wear T-shirts and jeans, I will filter out the suit to open the promotion of the founder."

this is consistent with his establishment of the PayPal gang logic. Dressing is the first clue to look at people like, he looked for people, not only through the resume screening the best people, but choose to be together.

was in New York a Theil law firm, there is no doubt a very capable person. They work together all day, but there is little communication between them. Out of the company’s door, they are strangers. Many companies feel that the relationship between employees is irrelevant, it is important to create profits.

and Peter · Theil think this idea is stupid, because the most valuable asset is time, and spend time together with a group of people he does not love, is a waste. In his opinion, to have a group of friends of friends, do a mutual recognition of the thing, and friendship. This is a utopian thing, but this is now known as the godfather of the people really do.

looking for someone: in a "same" way "out of the ordinary"

said PayPal is how to help gather together, Peter · total love Theil said one example: "four six founders, have done their own bomb in high school." Do it yourself