Moral health of society has a lot to do with govts behavior

first_imgDear Editor,It is an accepted fact that the general behavior of a society is heavily influenced by the words and deeds of leaders in government and society as a whole. We can point to several examples throughout the world to confirm. Right here in Guyana we have an abundance of examples. The lowest ebb of general morality in Guyana had coincided with the period of rigged elections and the paramountcy of the party (PNC). Those that led the government then had set a bad example – corruption, bribery, abuse of power etc. were permissible.This is a legacy that we are still fighting against, the legacy of the PNC dictatorship.Unfortunately this regime, led by the PNC, is going in the same direction. Words and deeds are wide apart. This is suggesting that deception is allowed and not frowned upon. Indeed, they are practiced by the leaders in government.This could be seen in relation to the regime’s practices in the hiring and firing of persons.The reason many people say that “politics is dirty” is because of some of the practices that this regime is displaying.We would recall how much both parties now in government railed against contract workers when they were in the opposition. Even though the PPP/C government went at great lengths to explain to them that it was just offering people choice and not trying to undermine the public service.When they had the one-seat majority while in opposition they voted to cut the budget that was providing salaries for contract workers.One would have thought that if that was a very principled position of those two parties, then they would have moved to stop or curtail at the beginning of this practice at the commencement of this administration.Alas, this is not the case.The APNU/AFC regime did not only expand the contract workers immensely, they also increased their pay greatly, sometimes by more than one hundred percent.The amount would have been far greater, but like the three card tricksters the regime did some manipulation to disguise the real amount being given as salaries.Here is a classic example of job for the boys syndrome. One Advisor on Education is being paid $1 per annum.However, he has a duty allowance of $180,000 per month and an entertainment allowance of $ 20,000 per month.This person also has another job with the government where he is also getting a hefty salary, n addition to a big pension from the public service.Another advisor also has a high position of chairman of an important corporation. He has a big allowance there and operates like the CEO. He is now an advisor with a salary of $250,000 per month, 42 days leave per annum, 22 ½ % of gross salary gratuity, one month tax free pay leave allowance.These are but a few examples. The Ministry of the Presidency alone has two hundred and ninety two (292) contract employees.These 292 contract employees to the Ministry of the Presidency alone is costing the tax payers of the country almost one billion dollars per year.This is only one ministry.The regime also gave to the members of the National Assembly a list of persons they call “Honorary Ministerial Advisors”. The list has thirty three names of persons living abroad. They claim that these persons are working pro-bono.However they have not said how these persons expenses would be covered. It is felt that it is where they will pay millions without having to report this to the people of this country as emoluments.The destruction of morality will also continue as we see that they are employing almost only Afro-Guyanese. Indo-Guyanese have far less chance in getting employment in the public service now since 1992. Once more, they are made to feel they are second class citizens in their own land.Indeed, more than ninety percent (90%) of those dismissed from the public service by this regime are Indo-Guyanese.When racial discrimination is practiced by the government, then the message to the population is that it is all right to behave as though some are superior to others. This does not help with inter-racial relations.The other message being sent is squandermania. Money is being wasted on friends and PNC/APNU/AFC top brass, and this sends a dangerous signal to the society.For this behavior is also party corruption. That is what has led to every petty officer in government demanding bribes, sometimes small like lunch money etc., but it erodes the morality of the society as a whole.We have also seen the Kaieteur News reporting a full scam involving high ranking government officials and several persons in the private sector. They had promised to release their names, but never did.This suggests that they were warned or threatened to shut up.This is extremely worrying and is another indication of what is coming as far as freedom of speech is concerned.This is just the beginning of another undermining of the morality of the society.We should stop this before it is too late.Sincerely,Donald Ramotarlast_img