From the five start-up companies corpse to see the status quo of shared economy




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Sharing economy

real-time response, whether it is a gimmick and media hype? Or with a clear outline, clearly the future? Why I saw Uber the way other similar stride forward singing militant songs, the business model is not the slightest movement? This paper is trying to make it all.

science and technology media in the product report, looking forward to the future, always show too much idealism. The future of the world in their hit off description, always blooming on the romantic atmosphere with rose. For example, as a reader of you, certainly no stranger to the following text.

"in this heavy traffic world, our ownership is gradually transferred to the right of use. When the finger of God of science and technology pulls everything, the resources will be optimized and the most rational use. With Uber as the representative of a large number of real-time sharing economy, means people’s basic necessities of life to hitherto unknown convenience. Every App on the phone, can be the first time in the life of the service called to the eyes…… Even the future of money is just a means of payment, you can even provide some of their own services, in exchange for someone else’s service, there is no intermediary between the currency……"

‘s future is far from us? We will not discuss. Let’s turn the current science and technology news, in addition to Uber, in the end what "on-demand real-time sharing economy really has a big talent shows itself, the earth swallowed up, the subversion of all


doesn’t seem like it. In fact, the bulk of the young people on the Demo Day platform, then cleared his throat, say the first sentence is: "our XX in the field of Uber, investors in the following ear listenned to a cocoon, after this, numerous types of Uber platform have crashed out of the battlefield, in the end what is one of the reasons why Uber? Turn to play fast, while others follow its business model of the company is not below

like a clay ox entering the sea,?

first clarify "according to what the meaning of this mouthful need real-time response of long term economic share" in the end, the so-called "on-demand real-time sharing economy", refers to technology companies to create a connection between the supply and demand sides of the platform, in this platform through the provision of services, commodity "temporary loan" that will connect the supply and demand sides. The supplier, is often one of idle resources; and the buyer, is often in a certain period of time, the special needs of this resource. Platform in the transaction process to obtain a certain profit space.

sounds like such a great business model, technology companies started to construct a new business relationship, save all intermediate links, the efficiency optimization of, everything is perfect or not? Where is the problem in the end? Let’s take a look at a few.