No surprise that Granger Govt is seeking to thwart the No-Confidence motion

first_imgDear Editor,The death throes of the Granger Administration have become a fascinating show; faced with a no-confidence motion they publicly emasculated the role of the Speaker of the House by asserting that it is Government and not the Speaker, who sets the date for the hearing of the motion. Since the fall of the Government and the advent of the theory that 33 votes do not constitute a majority of 65 available, I have watched with morbid interest as the line of those prostituting their intellect grows.I do understand that some never had intellect to begin with, however, to see Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo assert that 33 being a majority is an absurdity, and not catered for by the framers of our constitution is tragic comedy.Editor, there is no surprise that the Granger Administration is seeking to use the courts to thwart the no-confidence motion passed against them. Disregard for the Constitution, misinformation, shamelessness and duplicity have been main characteristics of the Granger Administration throughout its term in office. President Granger ascended to office with a promise to bring law, order and dignity (along with the good life) to our nation. With its latest actions Granger’s Administration will forever be remembered for the parody of Government it became and the level of buffoonery it descended into when forced to face the electorate.Should the Judiciary agree to entertain a court challenge of the no-confidence motion on this basis, it may well be the shortest mathematics lesson in our nation’s history. For the Judiciary to even hear a challenge on any basis is an over-step in my opinion. In this I concede I may be wrong; lawyers do need to earn a living.It is my hope that President Granger can curb the enthusiasm of his minions and restore some modicum of pride and decency in the Office upon his return from Cuba. The man, the Office and the nation deserve better.Respectfully,Robin Singhlast_img