Unsanitary meat practices unearthed at Linden Market

first_img… Mayor denies ever receiving letter from RDCLinden Mayor Carwyn Holland has denied ever receiving a letter from Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) Chairman Renis Morian, regarding the alleged unsanitary means of handling meat by some vendors at the Mackenzie Market in Linden, Region 10.Recently, reports had surfaced of the alleged unsanitary practices, as Councillors within the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) had begun to voice numerous concerns over the issue at various statutory meetings. However, when the concerns were raised, the Regional Chairman would state that he would haveLinden Mayor Carwyn Hollandwritten to the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LM&TC) on the issue, since themunicipality is responsible for overseeing such practices within the market area.Morian, during the most recent meeting had even promised to re-write the LM&TC on the issue. The Mayor has however stated that no such letter was received.“Never received nor seen a letter from the RC (Regional Chairman) on the subject but the administration is however looking into the report,” Holland told Guyana Times on Wednesday. Holland said despite this, the Council has been working to ensure that such practices do not occur.Regional Councillor Gordon Callendar had stressed recently that despite the voicing of concerns over what the Council has described as the unsanitary means of transporting meat at the Mackenzie Market, the practice has since continued.At the most recent statutory meeting of the Council, he had sought to inquire if the region’s health department is monitoring the activities and if discussions for theRegion 10 Chairman Renis Morianproposed abattoir in the region were progressing.“We’ve been talking about the unsanitary conditions and the way how meat is being transported in Region 10, especially on the market areas… but this thing still continue. The handling of the meat on the market still continues as the normal practice – in the wheelbarrows,” Callendar had stressed.He was however reminded by the Regional Chairman that the sanitary practices at the markets fall under the jurisdiction of the LM&TC.Morian said he will have the administration re-write the LM&TC in an effort to secure an update as it relates the monitoring of the activities, also pointing to the option to engage the Council in conversation.“We did talk with the Town Council before. We want to know what action has been taken so far… It’s the Council’s responsibility… a letter was sent to the Council. We have to send another letter to the Council asking what they’re doing because they haven’t responded to us,” the Regional Chairman had emphasised.GLDA responseIn response to the concerns, representatives of the Guyana Livestock Development Agency (GLDA) were expected to meet with officials of the Regional Health Committee, to discuss a proposal for the possibility of the construction of an abattoir in the region, Chairman of the Committee; Councillor, Dr Gregory Harris had indicated. The plans came on the heels of several complaints made by Councillors and officials of the RDC. Dr Harris had disclosed that the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the GLDA had later made contact with the region’s Health Committee regarding the proposal. It is however unclear what is the status of the discussions.Dr Harris had also pointed out that the Committee also had a discussion with the health workers at the Town Council and that a spot for the proposed abattoir was expected to be identified. He said a recommendation was made sometime last year to set up a monitoring unit along the Linden Soesdyke Highway, explaining that he had proposed for a system to be implemented whereby meat coming into the region could be monitored. Nevertheless, he said an Environmental Officer would usually carry out sanitary checks at various butcher shops in the Linden community. Callender was one of the Councillors who had brought the issue of unsanitary practices by vendors of meat to the fore; an issue which he stated needed to be urgently addressed.Councillor Tracy Johnson had also called for the monitoring of butcher shops in the community, with Morian pointing out that it was necessary for public health workers to do the necessary work, as he noted that years ago tuberculosis was detected in meat at Linden after an alarm was raised.last_img