How to interpret log files


web server will automatically record each access information, every server action, each file call, the server log file. Therefore, the information in the log is relatively accurate, comprehensive. Some SEO need to know that the information in the traffic analysis software is very little support, you must directly view the log, such as the server returns the status code.

source file is a plain text file, as long as the use of text editing software, such as WordPad or Notepad can be opened. General host room in the control panel to provide log file download.

let me give you an example. Let’s take a look at what information it contains:–[31/Aug/2010:20:44:36+0800]" GET/seoblog/HTTP/1.1"

200 52778" Wd=seo" " Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE


6; Windows NT5.1; SV1; 360SE; "

user IP address:

this is the IP address of the user to visit, showing the geographical location of the visit from. In the IP address information service to check the location of the IP, such as screenshots can see the visitors from Guangdong


this is the exact time the file is accessed. Combined with the IP address, multiple log records can be tracked to a particular user from a web page to another web page access sequence and activities on the site.

time zone:


The relative

Greenwich time difference. China, Singapore in the East 8 area.

server action:


server to do the action is either GET, or POST. In addition to some CGT script, usually should be GET, that is, get a file from the server, you can make HTML, pictures, CSS, etc..

example of this recording time is, according to the HTTP/1.1 protocol to obtain the URL/seoblog/ file. The relative address of the URL, which has been omitted from the domain name, so /seoblog/ refers to the blog >