Ceramic industry network marketing guide

ceramic industry how to do network marketing, according to the current situation of the study of the ceramic industry, combined with the status of the network marketing market, there are several ways to plan and implement:

knowledge marketing

from the general definition, knowledge marketing refers to the public dissemination of new science and technology and its impact on people’s lives, through propaganda, so that consumers not only know these, but also know why, to establish new product concept, so that consumers on the germination of new products to the needs and interests, achieve the purpose of market development.

ceramic in the promotion of new products, it is necessary to expand the promotion level, provide products and related professional knowledge in the network, to increase product value and improve the corporate image, such as technology innovation, culture, fashion, health and other elements of new products.

With the help of

and communication channels include newspapers, magazines, DM mail, conference lectures, and now more and more influence website, BBS, blog, QQ, MSN and other network tools.

search engine marketing

, Baidu, Google and several search engines not only affects more than 3 hundred million Internet users, but also has a profound impact on the ceramic target consumer groups, most of the 70, 80 after buying groups in the purchase of ceramic related products, more and more people have been accustomed to search and ceramic related information. Such as ceramic tile, tile, ceramic tile, ceramic tile brand price ranking, ten brands, porcelain tile. Now there are some ceramic manufacturers or dealers to buy some keywords, such as ceramic tile, ina Mona Ali Don, but the general point of view, the ceramic enterprise did not attach importance to this promotion, one is by the way is very simple, just like in the keyword bidding, but in the search for relevant keywords, no authoritative reports, so it is not conducive to the promotion of ceramic products and brands; two is the most enterprises have not fully use the search engine promotion.

but with the help of search engines can not rely on the promotion of PPC keyword ranking, which is only 30% of the entire promotion, and according to the current hot word search volume, the cost is not low.

network activity marketing

through the organization of designers, decoration logs, life sharing class contest, or online DIY activities, can affect the designers and consumers and other groups, the formation of more viscous.

is now doing very little or no network of ceramic enterprises, basically no influence. However, the promotion of the ground is relatively molding, but also rich and colorful, mainly the role of the majority of people on the Internet to maintain a certain degree of doubt. In fact, this "ice" is being broken, who should succeed, who can obtain the leading competitive advantage in the new era of marketing will be rivals far behind.

network forum to promote

network forum is not only a channel of communication