Network marketing trends in 2014

Internet has greatly changed the way of information sharing, and has had a profound impact on marketing. In the past few years, with respect to the increasingly outdated outbound strategy, inbound technology has changed a lot. More companies are no longer embedded in the external content of advertising, but through the publication of the original content to achieve success, because this strategy can bring additional revenue brands and audience growth.

based on these trends, we discuss the forecast for the major online marketing trends in 2014.

1 content marketing will grow

One of the main ways for

to build authority and gain consumer trust is to create valuable content through multiple channels. This usually involves relevant industry information, providing insight or entertainment for the audience. This approach allows the company to establish a harmonious relationship with the audience, the development of faithful believers. According to the study of Content Marketing Association, the best B2B content marketing means social media, articles on corporate websites, newsletters, case studies, and videos and articles on other websites. Through the use of one or more channels, companies can establish a positive image in the industry. This trend suggests that mass marketing techniques, through television and radio advertising, are becoming less efficient. Instead, it should focus on inbound marketing, the production of a particular audience for the design of the valuable, attractive content.

2 social media marketing needs diversity

just a few years ago, the company will be added to the social media marketing activities of the problem, the number of social networking sites can be limited to Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Today, the new social media sites seem endless. Although some of them aborted, but as Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram that the rookie has already become popular, and provides a number of new options for the bursting of the enterprise, allowing them to produce attractive content in various forms, in more channels build their audience.

then, multi pronged, enterprises blossom everywhere, try a variety of network tools to maximize consumer groups and make contact, it has become a general strategy. Such diversification is effective for many companies because it creates brand equity by making it easier for consumers to identify a brand.


3 image centric content of popular

as consumers come into contact with more and more advertising, so that the content is simple and quickly digested is particularly important. If you look at the rapid development of social media sites I mentioned earlier, you can find that 3/4 of the ads have a common feature – emphasize the image. The rapid rise of Buzzfeed and Pinterest demonstrates the power of image based content and the viral spread potential. < >