But do SEO infrastructure

is known to all, Baidu search engine work process is very complex, over the years, we clearly see Baidu search engine algorithm made several major adjustments. Update so many times, Baidu’s algorithm for what? The purpose is for what? In fact, Baidu search engine update algorithm, every time is around three kinds of algorithm in the update, mainly divided into the following three types: first, the chain; second: content; third: user experience.

first, we first talk about Baidu’s first algorithm mechanism – the chain. From last year to this year, Baidu’s chain algorithm almost changed 4 times, so far, it is increasingly difficult to do. Last year, we can see many similar to the sale of the chain slightly Ali service platform, after Baidu has become the number one target for the sale of the chain hit, in fact, the objective is to optimize the Baidu website and pay more attention to the user, but not as long as you casually buy the chain, you can get ranked. Baidu update algorithm after the chain algorithm, mainly for the following three features:

1, the number of the chain – now a single page generated by the text of the anchor chain, only the first one outside the chain of the chain, do not repeat statistics. Links algorithm has been adjusted, not to say that you have more friends of the chain, the higher the weight, divided into 30 to 30, the top 30, top 30 weight chain percentage points, 30 after the chain, little weight distribution in this way it is not to say, the more you friends of the chain is better, we must pay attention to the quality of a chain.

2, platform correlation

What is the correlation between the

platform? For example, to a SEO theme of the soft Wen released to the home owners or the related Admin5 platform, which is called correlation, if you put the weight he posted on the website, there is a correlation between No. Not a lot of related articles, reprinted by others on the site, the authenticity of the site will lead to relatively low, even will generate a large number of the chain, but this is a fraud, Baidu will also be rated as junk chain, will bring the negative influence to the score of your website, and even lead to drop right.

3, user clicks

is the most important feature of the algorithm is updated, the user’s boot click, increase the viscosity of the article, the user experience. That is to say at the end of the paper, and some recommended articles or would you like is interested in…, for example, has an article called query how to do bus card, when the reader of this article browsing over, we can in the article below, need to know the price please click here, so you can jump to the next article above, let your website to form a small sprocket.

so, we’ll talk about this aspect of Baidu, Baidu is in the content of this correlation, made the biggest change is the content of the example, we see two articles, one is "Jobs away", another is ">