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The last time the

of the website to promote creative concept, believe that some people will say that this thing what everyone knows, indeed, many webmaster know promotion articles need to be creative, creative here is not only to have new ideas, and I said the creative must be spontaneous, organize their own articles, get a good idea the article down on your network, and then make minor changes into your own creative articles, this is called creative, is called plagiarism


of course, if you can see a good article from the Internet to learn the essence, through their own language, their own routines to write it out, it is also a way to reflect the idea of no limit!

creative how to come today to talk about two points:

first, the promotion of the article

quiz promotion articles have been old, put in a few years ago is very popular, but now if another copy of cold rice and effect is often counterproductive, of course, quiz promotion articles or in their own station, especially for weight loss website, beauty website, the effect is quite obvious, of course, you need to very good language ability

!The so-called

heuristic promotion articles, as the name suggests, is through your article can let people understand what you want to express the content is too obvious to express your meaning, hanging appetite than others, you have to point through your between the lines of the person to bring in, excellent novels are like this, of course, we promotion articles can also be used, many people are in use, the quality of person with ability, not everyone is Jin Yong, so that the heuristic for some literary skills of the webmaster, like those of US Department of literature of the night to forget


second, story promotion article

this is much simpler than the heuristic, as long as you are smart enough to do. Very simple, you see when the story will join to see very good joke what, why can’t you do the promotion into the organization, will be a story, by the way you want to promote things to put in, a little organization can be done, especially for me like you this kind of literary cells developed webmaster they use.

I wrote a story to promote the article, the title of the article on the name: the monk and the old monk at 9:30 in the evening what?

The title of the article

wretched enough? It is a gimmick, to who you want to come and see the impulse, people are curious thing, oh! So the story about? Saying:

Shaolin Temple in Songshan, an old monk asked a little monk: "you are usually in Shaolin Temple in addition to the rest of the martial arts, this time doing ah ~"

the young monk said to the old monk, usually in the play ah, then is the vegetarian meal.

the old monk asked, "what are you doing two more days later (around 9:30 in Beijing time)?

the little monk replied, "that"