Healthy cat was $35 million financing private education campaign ushered in the spring of entreprene

shareholders, including 2 Olympic champion, world champion,, the national champion of the 23, sports college professor of 46 people. According to investors, the current valuation of 350 million yuan healthy cat.


founder Yang Huali interview at the scene of the financing. Respondents for map

recently, the health movement platform healthy cat announced the acquisition of 35 million yuan of financing, from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, a joint venture of the four sports investment companies. Among them, the shareholders include 2 Olympic champion, world champion of the people, the national champion of the 23, the sports university professor of 46 people, the people of the world’s top 15. According to investors, the current valuation of 350 million yuan healthy cat.

founder Yang Huali, was a professional Sanda athletes. He learned that every year there are more than 60 thousand people in the country’s physical education graduate, retired athletes have more than 7 thousand people. However, each year to continue to engage in sports of not more than 10%. There are a lot of big demand side, there are so many resources can be converted without conversion, there is a gap in the middle, healthy cat hope can become a platform to connect the health industry."

at present, healthy cat and music as sports, Tmall sports have in-depth strategic cooperation, but also by Tencent concern. However, there are investors and partners that cannot read the cat health business model, platform model "that costs too much money". The Nanfang Daily reporter Intern Peng Lin Yang Group

entrepreneurial story: from the body of "early warning" smell business opportunities

entrepreneurial initiative, is derived from my own body out of the state." Yang Huali told reporters that he was the origin of Sanda athletes, but after the game was neglected to maintain the body. Plus a variety of sports injury recurrence of the original, knee and ankle bones of the old injury of the attack, the most serious is to let people walk arm, not the body movement. Exercise can lead to weight gain, the heaviest time to 170 pounds.

Yang Huali recalls, when more and more fat, also more and more severe disease, into metabolic disorders, you need to go to the hospital every week, the whole people are completely different. Later, Yang’s master for him to develop a set of exercise program, in accordance with the master’s program conditioning, his body slowly returned to normal.

from this experience, Yang found that there is a huge gap in the sports health industry. He had a lot of body fat middle-aged man, want to want to exercise, but no good way, no good coach, but because of the lack of exercise supervision, go to the gym three days fishing nets two days of drying.

so Yang began to investigate. At the end of 2013, he spent 200 thousand yuan to do market research. The investigation carried out for about half a year, mainly in the North Guangzhou Shenzhen and other cities to take the form of a questionnaire. Prior to the investigation, Yang Huali and entrepreneurial team actually did not determine the Internet industry, just want to find a model in the fitness field. Originally wanted to use a chain model, operating a brand health museum