58 city announced a new round of melon seeds used to complete a $204 million 500 thousand financing

[TechWeb] March 30th news, 58 city announced that the melon used car sales network has completed a new round of financing $204 million 500 thousand. Investors, including a number of well-known investment institutions, currently 58 city as one of its controlling shareholder.


melon seeds used car Yang Haoyong (Figure)

it is worth noting that, two weeks ago, CEO Yang Yang melon seeds released through the internal mail round of financing, also announced a single day of melon seeds to achieve a total of 1027 transactions.

seeds of second-hand car was founded in 2014, is the predecessor of the car market, the main second-hand car business C2C, the direct selling mode, the mode features is that removing the middleman, profit to buyers and sellers.

58 city and Ganji CEO Yao Jinbo said: "we are very pleased to see the seeds of second-hand car by the international investment institutions, and confidence in the future prospects of the Chinese second-hand car. The successful financing, confirms the rapid transformation of Chinese iteration in the second-hand car market, a correct judgment of the 58 city adhere to long-term development strategy, on the other hand also reflect the Chinese second-hand car market contains huge business opportunities. The seeds of the second-hand car has an experienced management team, continuous flow and 58 city and Ganji support, believe that second-hand car consumers will become the seeds of more high-quality second-hand car trading service." (Ming Yu)