7000 word text to decrypt the nternet entrance yesterday today and tomorrow

[recommended] dry cargo innovative school "Internet entrance" media are often hung in the mouth, but really can say little. Master or in the country, a detailed Daniel Internet entrance with 7000 word text "yesterday, today and tomorrow".

using a source language, when we talk about what we are talking about the entrance? Internet entrance, a channel to link people and information, in the short period of the Internet era, a group of a group of Internet who fought to construct their own understanding of the path control channel, paranoid people access the Internet. Finally, to obtain the value. Some people want to tear down other people’s channels pushed to the reconstruction, some people in the channel on the basis of others to build a new channel. As the entrance of the channel has different levels in different historical periods, the relationship between the front and back is subtle, and the change of the intelligent terminal will bring the change of the entrance.

although different periods, different regions, different terminals in the entrance of the realization of the different, but also follow a big trend: Hardware – Software – site – cloud. The author first to personal computers and smart phones, for example, combined with the development of the Internet at home and abroad, combing the so-called Internet portal.


entrance history of personal computers

a, hardware era: hardware that is the entrance

in the absence of the World Wide Web era, the hardware is the entrance, the computer itself is the entrance. Then the computer can do some simple calculations, is an isolated individual, the connection between each other is very limited, although at that time also have some concept of software, but also is the primary and basic incompatibility. Hardware that is the concept of the entrance has been so far, many people talk about the Internet, think of the computer.

representative: IBM personal computer

in the 60-80

two, software era: the entrance to the hardware

hardware manufacturing line, with the functions of computer diversified requirements, some hardware based software has the function of entrance, because it can provide more diversified demand, can satisfy more people in work, study and other aspects of the demand. It can be said that the software is stepping on the body of the hardware has become the entrance. However, the level of software is also different, different levels of different periods, constitute a different effect of the entrance.

1, operating system

operating system is a standardized things, to bring the operation of different categories of compatible hardware at the same time constant, interactive advantage to play computer intelligent utility, as the effect of an entrance effect so far.

representative: 80-90 of the Windows

2, browser

browser is a product of the Internet era, with the popularity of the operating system, the Internet