first_imgAsked about the prospects of BJP after Union SportsAsked about the prospects of BJP after Union Sports Minister Sarbananda Sonowals appointment as state unit chief and head of the campaign committee, Gogoi said BJP has no future in Assam and the party is now full of “deserters” and “betrayers” from other parties.”What prospects? No prospects. They are recruiting one after another deserters and betrayers. Some are from Congress, some from AGP. From Congress, some discredited fellows joined them. Some former leaders of AASU and even some former militants,” he said.Gogoi said by changing the state unit chief “at the eleventh hour” BJP showed that there is a “crisis” in the party as a captain is not changed at the last moment or a general is changed in the midst of a war.Asked whether the joining of several Congress leaders, including once his most trusted Himanta Biswa Sarma in BJP will affect Congress, he said their switching over to BJP was a “good riddance” for Congress.”No, no. No impact. It was a good riddance. He (Sarma) was a fake Congressman. He is fake BJP now. Till the other day, he spoke many things against BJP. Till the other day he attacked Narendra Modi that in the pipes of Gujarat blood of Muslims flow. But now Modi has become his demi-god. The same man had criticised Sarbananda Sonowal like anything. So, these types of people are joining together,” he said.Asked about his retirement plans, Gogoi, who will turn 80 in April next year, said he will continue as long as his health permits.advertisement”I dont have any retirement plan. As long I am healthy, so long god gives me healthy life, I will continue,” he said.Asked if Congress is facing anti-incumbency after nearly 15 years of rule, Gogoi said some anti-incumbency is there but that will be overcome by the development work his government has done so far.”Some anti-incumbency, yes. But people have seen that Congress has done development. Not like BJP. They promise and backtrack. We might not get 100 per cent success but 70 per cent, 80 per cent at least,” he said. PTI ACB VSC ZMN IKAlast_img