From the webmaster predecessors Anhui wise remark of an experienced person second master Conference


The huge crowds of people bustling



refused to swim at the scene of the fish draw

second "Internet Anhui" — Anhui webmaster General Assembly on the afternoon of May 17th, held in Hefei, many well-known senior site webmaster have attended the meeting, and talked about their own station experience, has a profound guiding significance for the new Internet, the author of this part are as follows, and write down a personal feelings, you laugh at me.

: a webmaster do stand to my conscience


cited an example — many download sites with fake links to deceive the user, the user through the huge "download" to download pictures and the software is not what you want; what is more used to deceive users of viruses and trojans……

auex010 commented: even the garbage station Robbers also have their paths, not to waste the horse degree! You are a webmaster, you are also a common netizen, if which day you surf the Internet in the move, ask

how mood?Figure

: hard work + money king


in the webmaster meeting Wang still repeated that sentence easier said than done the four words of "hard money"

auex010 comments: many owners are still unknown to the public do not grassroots gens, not technology, is not enough and not enough conditions, ideas, and not to die in four down on the luck, but that simple words — "hard money", said simply, there must be perseverance, perseverance. Insist to be flexible and resourceful, easier said than done?


refused to swim fish: to have team spirit, to cooperate with each other

refused to fish swimming at the meeting made a very vivid metaphor: the grassroots webmaster is like a little firefly, each play a faint light, to be discovered in the sun to be seen, only hold together, cooperate with the collective strength, with the team power.

auex010 comments: the development of the society is to let people out of distance between want to get together, and common progress toward a goal, need to sweat and work with 100% and 100% of the people sincerely! This life in addition to find a life partner, the most important thing is to find together the efforts of the partners.

Guo Jijun: get experience from the failure, find a good teachers and helpful friends

The success of the

network besides luck still need unremitting fall and never give up, Guo Jijun said that the first net of his life in the first station, the first time out of Sichuan, is because the graph king good teachers and helpful friends help, though the beginning always fail, but also because of "energy-saving >.