Xuzhou, Jiangsu two men open gambling sites suspected of opening Casinos

two Internet users use the network to open a virtual casino, prosecutors are suspected of opening casino crime prosecution. Yesterday morning, Gulou District People’s court hearing the case of the creation of this casino.

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24 year old Lu and 22 year old Lee in learning computer technology when met, two people are Master network, because of similar interests, will discuss jointly set up a studio. February 2011, Lu, Li and Zhang, Lee et al (are handled separately) in the City Economic Development Zone District Court star launched CN – MAN network studio. The so-called network studio, is to make money through the network.

at the end of July 2011, Zhang, Xu (handled separately) by invading "star Bo" (called www.xingbet.com) gambling sites to obtain relevant membership information, and to send e-mail or mobile phone membership information, inform the members of the "star Bo" web site for network updates need to replace the system to set up a new website, by the defendant Lee and Lee XX is responsible for the establishment of "Flamingo" (domain name www.fmg888.com) gambling sites, let members registered in the "Flamingo" website. The site is in football and basketball games, the players and the related facts through the Internet gambling sites, soccer gambling automatically generated by the website bet at odds, revenue settlement according to the results of the site.


, Zhang, Lee, Xu has left the studio, defendant Lu, Lee continued to operate the two defendants by sending e-mail messages, mobile phone and other ways to continue to promote the website, to attract members registered and [email protected] use "Epro" (Chinese account name: Xingyang mall) receive recharge. According to the indictment of the public prosecutor’s office, as of September 7, 2011, the new member of the gambling site account 911, the cumulative amount of $160 thousand.

The number of

members disputed not in court sentenced


prosecutor pointed out in court, from a legal perspective, with the result of the game winning as the evaluation means, its constitution has met the requirements of gambling, so that soccer gambling is a new way of gambling, Internet gambling is a kind of new form, with more concealment.

because the case involves the network crime, the evidence in this case not only seized items, usually the record of testimony evidence, also includes a remote network of Xuzhou City Public Security Bureau police detachment from the inspection data and electronic evidence and other new evidence cd.

September 7, 2011, Lu and Lee were arrested by public security organs. For the fact, Lumou and Lee said basically no objection, but argued that although the membership account is 911, 911 is actually not so much, about 400 – 500 or so, that not everyone involved in gambling, there is a part of their own registration, as for the test. It is reported that the case for further verification of evidence, will be postponed >