Pei Zhicheng see Zhang Tongyan again

      Zhang Tongyan, in July 4th the new North, once again I saw his name. Remember in April 14th, zhaochafa classified information network and some other organizations Guo sister station Inner Mongolia Internet webmaster planting outing activities banquet first saw a hand actually publicity card name card, Zhang Tongyan. Give me the first impression, this person will be marketing. The first is the marketing website, is marketing itself again. Now, I still have the "birthday card" in his hand. The tall body, give a person a kind of capable of feeling. Perhaps it is the day of fatigue, it seems that some tired face, but it shows that the age does not match the maturity. It’s a pleasure to know that he is still a student, and as a student, he can go to the society to do his own thing.

      time was extended to the beginning of the July, as usual, turned north news. Each attention is mostly IT news and characters. "Zhang Tongyan: the first" national network building projects in West China, was immediately attracted, and a IT report. After reading the interview, I learned more about him and what he did. In just two months, he set up his own company, really started the entrepreneurial journey. Surprised, is a burst of joy, Inner Mongolia IT sector and some people began to enter into the deeper. This is a very backward industry in Inner Mongolia area, once again aroused the waves. He has been outstanding, but gave up the road of superior work, and chose a challenging and difficult venture. This prompted him to drive in the struggle for their dreams. The first national network building projects in West China, let the Western Digital, in this barren but full of opportunities in backward areas, also did not appear in this piece of the Red Sea, the blue ocean is impossible in the west, his ideal I need endurance.

      last night in Inner Mongolia IT Laboratory ( of the reception hall, once again saw Zhang Tongyan and his team members. Three months of change, some amazing. As the article reported, or so talkative, but the idea has changed. Can see three months of change and some things in the future. With the show into a deep level of communication and discussion, but also let me have a preliminary understanding of him and his team. For now they do house can really realize the digitized their vision of the west? This also requires him, team, market and other aspects of their own and social tests. We send a blessing to him and his team.

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