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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network June 26th news, WeChat blocked wheatgrass has now put into micro-blog, Yi Xin, m chat embrace. But for just settled micro-blog wheatgrass now was big, but the "red" somewhat good ingredients inside.

revived wheatgrass yesterday stationed in micro-blog, soon attracted great attention. All the friends is a "flirt", the process was found in molested wheatgrass repeatedly burst foul language. This Microsoft Asia Academy of Engineering Internet brand director Li Di in an interview with voice of the economy, said 2 hours this morning, with nearly 1 million users wheatgrass dialogue, swearing rate of less than about 0.4, this ratio is relative to many people are relatively low.

Microsoft will be the new intelligent search team chat robot wheatgrass, a former Microsoft products serious business "Uncle" image, dramatic is packaged into "90" Adorable girl. In addition to the intelligent dialogue, Microsoft wheatgrass also reminded both groups, Wikipedia, weather, horoscopes, jokes, traffic guide, dining reviews and other practical skills.

but in only three days on-line WeChat wheatgrass was blocked. Tencent is given because of the reasons involved in the simulation of user operations, induce the user to pull the group, the bulk of the number of registered accounts and other factors affecting the rules of the platform and user experience violations. In order to protect the user experience and security, WeChat team in accordance with the platform specification for the matter". In yesterday, Microsoft released wheatgrass resurrection statement, also deliberately reiterated that Microsoft uses wheatgrass than most other domestic Internet companies, more stringent privacy policies and technologies, please rest assured use.

now in micro-blog wheatgrass resurrection, Lee flute said that both sides can benefit from micro-blog is more attributes of social media, can increase micro-blog’s activity for micro-blog can increase user stickiness.

has now entered the micro-blog wheatgrass, soon stationed in easecredit, micro-blog, Jingdong, Qihoo 360, millet rice chat wireless mobile Internet platform etc.. Do not know whether WeChat will regret it in the future, there may be ice in WeChat


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